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About Last Night: Did the Reds lose? Yes.

But they weren't shut out!

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The Cubs kicked the Reds in the face.
The Cubs kicked the Reds in the face.
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Joey Votto extended his on base streak to 46 games with a walk in the 9th inning and in a game where nothing particularly good of note happened for the home team, well, this is good enough for me. On Monday the Reds MVP extended the streak quickly on a 1st inning walk so that we could all watch peacefully. Last night, after a lengthy rain delay and after appearing to injure himself in his first AB, Votto waited until the end to extend the streak.

Votto doesn't think much about the streak because of all the losing going on, but in a lost season for a team mired in their longest losing streak since the 90s, well, it gives the fans something to watch. Have a trophy, Joey, and a sincere thanks from Reds fans everywhere.

Honorable mention to gaw this team stinks.

Key Plays

  • Rain delayed this one for a long time and when we finally got started near 10pm EDT, the Reds spotted the Cubs 4 runs before anyone realized balls were being based.
  • And that was it, until the futile Reds futilely futiled a run in the 9th. Jason Bourgeois reached third on an error, Ivan DeJesus Jr. scored him on a ground out, Votto walked, and Skip Schumaker erased them both. Skip grounding into a game ending double play in the middle of a night after rain delayed a basically meaningless game for both teams? Hello 2015, my old friend.
  • Reds lose, 4-1.

Tony Graphanino
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Other Notes
  • The Reds ran their losing streak to 10 games and I'm afraid that poor baby is going to hit puberty under that basket.
  • The Reds have had 23 rain delays this season, totaling over 30 hours. So not only has there been a lot of losing this season, there's been a lot of waiting around in soggy pants to lose.
  • Who am I kidding, nobody here wears pants.
  • As I mentioned briefly above; Votto couldn't care less about this on-base streak while the team loses game after game after game. In these 46 games, the Reds are 14-32. That's... not great. "I haven't had a single day where I went home and felt really, really satisfied about what's going on, exclusively because of how poorly we've performed this year," Votto said after the game. "I'm part of that also. I have to do my job and be part of a winning culture here."
  • Tunes.