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Injury Report 9/19 - Poor Kris Negron

If you don't get the "standard" crop, then you don't appreciate how illegal this slide is.  Topical!
If you don't get the "standard" crop, then you don't appreciate how illegal this slide is. Topical!
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Kris Negron was the only MLB player to go on the DL over the past three weeks, so he gets the lede.  His season was ended on September 8 when he partially dislocated his shoulder making a dive on a play in the outfield.  Negron wasn't able to recreate his valuable performance from last season, unfortunately, instead hitting more like what many of his minor league seasons would have suggested.  Who knows how Negron's career may have looked if he hadn't been constantly embattled by injuries, particularly in the minors?  It seems that some players are just star-crossed in this regard.

RP Manny Parra returned from the 15-day DL on September 10 after missing 21 days with a sore neck (I believe).  He missed 15 days earlier in the year for a sprained elbow, and will end the season having pitched about half a season's workload for a reliever, or a little more.  He has been one of the solid pieces in the bullpen when healthy.  OF Billy Hamilton also returned from the 15-day DL on September 9 after missing 21 days with a sprained right shoulder.  It was initially thought that Hamilton would sit out a day or two for this injury, but it ended up the better part of a month.  OF Brennan Boesch returned on September 10 after missing 18 days with a deep bone bruise on his ankle.  He has largely been limited to PH duties since his return.

In the minor leagues, at AAA Louisville,  C Julio Morillo returned from the DL on the last day of the season, September 7, after missing 26 days (if you discount a single PH appearance on August 30).  SP Joel Bender was placed on the DL on September 4 with a strained left elbow.

At A+ Daytona, 3B Sammy Diaz returned on July 24 after missing 79 days, and SP Nick Travieso returned on August 6, missing 52 days after being hit by a line drive.

At Rookie level Billings, 1B Kevin Franklin returned on September 8 after missing 11 days.  He was the only Mustang to go on the DL this season.

As the seasons have ended for the Reds' minor league affiliates, the following players have had their seasons end while still on the DL:

  • AAA -- OF Nick Benedetto (66 days missed, strained lower back), SP Joel Bender (3, strained left elbow), OF Donald Lutz (130, Tommy John surgery), RP Matt Magill (123, Tommy John surgery), OF Steve Selsky (78, left meniscus injury), OF Yorman Rodriguez (46, strained left calf), 3B Jermaine Curtis (39).
  • AA -- SP Chad Rogers (114, left meniscus injury), RP Jose Cisnero (84), RP Nick Christiani (48), RP Ben Klimesh (48).
  • A+ -- RP Nick Howard (57), RP Jonathan Crawford (48), SS Carlton Daal (18).
  • A- -- RP Dan Langfield (152), RP Brian Hunter (50), 1B Argenis Aldazoro (18), RP Joe Mantoni (6), RP Jeremy Kivel (4), SS Luis Gonzalez (3, broken right ankle).