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Diamondbacks 2, Reds 0 - Reds snake bitten, shut out by Arizona pitching

Everyone in the Eastern Time Zone will need to read this, because there is a very good chance they fell asleep.

Me too, Raise-Hell.
Me too, Raise-Hell.
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Another Raisel Iglesias start, another Raisel Iglesias trophy. Start by start, the Reds Cuban rookie is starting to put it together. After some early troubles in the first inning, Raise-Hell settled down quite nicely and cruised through 6 innings, sitting Diamondback batters down one after another. It's been obvious from day one that Iglesias has the stuff to be good in this league, but thus far the question about his starts has been when he would run out of gas (and generally the answer to that question was pretty predictable). With increased stamina has come impressive performances, and it's been a sight to see for Reds fans.

Have a trophy and continue to Raise Hell, Raisel.

Honorable mentions are due to Joey Votto for good Lord, I dunno, being a super human baseball playing thing? Ryan Mattheus for working out of a jam that could've gone a lot worse in the bottom of the 8th but managed to escape with no damage done. And, I don't know... Todd Frazier got a hit. So that's good.

Key Plays

  • Ender Inciarte started the game by sending a sharply hit ground ball into right field. Raisel Iglesias then lost the location of the plate and walked A.J. Pollack. After nearly losing Paul Goldschmidt as well, Goldschmidt tagged one on a 3-1 count, luckily directly at Jay Bruce. Inciarte moved to 3rd, and then immediately scored on a single from David Peralta. Fortunately, Wellington Castillo promptly grounded into a double play, and the Cuban Mini-Missile escaped with minimal damage. Diamondbacks led, 1-0.
  • Manny Parra came in to spell Iglesias in the bottom of the 7th. After getting Peralta to ground out, Wellington Castillo beefed one over Bruce's head and the fence in right field. The Diamondbacks could garner nothing further, but the Diamondbacks doubled the lead, 2-0.
  • Nothing else happened. That's all you get, Red Reporters. Reds lose, 2-0.
Tony Graphanino
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Other Notes

  • Billy Hamilton got an actual real hit in the top of the 3rd. He didn't steal a base, and I felt robbed of an experience that I felt I deserved in this otherwise lost season. Maybe he would've just been clogging the bases had "Prominent Base Stealer" Brandon Phillips gotten on as well.
  • Joey Votto's gotten on base 59 times in 20 games. Take that information and do with it what you like. I'll use it for.. uhm... "material" later.
  • Gawd this game was boring.
  • The Reds have gone 27 innings without scoring. And counting...
  • I feel like this needs sad tunes.