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Cincinnati Reds links - Marlon Byrd trade reactions

TGIF links!

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The latest shake-up in the world of the Cincinnati Reds was the trade of Marlon Byrd to the San Francisco Giants on Thursday, which we detailed here.  McCovey Chronicles resident laugh-generator Grant Brisbee chimed in with thoughts from the Giants perspective, and he seemed to echo much of what the consensus here was:  Byrd's a semi-decent pickup at a time when there are few of those available, and the cost was a pretty nondescript "raffle ticket" and overall pretty reasonable.  Even when the Reds make news these days, it's boring news.  Maybe that's why MC's piece made the front page at /mlb while RR's, well, did not.  I digress.

For actual quotes from Walt Jocketty about the deal, though, you can check out what he had to say to's Mark Sheldon.  Steve Johnson, that "raffle ticket," does indeed have a big arm, but he'll be a bit of a project with reliever upside.

Byrd's trade coupled with Billy Hamilton landing on the 15-day DL with a shoulder issue left the already rough-hitting Reds outfield in a bit of a shamble, and it prompted the promotion of both Brennan Boesch and Ryan LaMarre.  Seems like as good a time as any to sift back through the potential September call-ups the Reds have in store, and that's exactly what Kevin Michell did over at Redleg Nation.  There's certainly not a lot there to really get your sugars up, though I am somewhat intrigued by giving Adam Duvall an extended look (especially with Yorman Rodriguez on the DL with a calf issue).  He even dropped a Batman reference, which is awesome.

It's Tony Perez Weekend at GABP, and there will be plenty of Big Red Machine alums at the stadium, so get your butts out there if you're in town.

Former Red Alfredo Simon threw a complete game 1-hitter for the Detroit Tigers last night.  That's the "not going to make the playoffs" Detroit Tigers and "going to be a free agent in a month and a half Simon," I should note.  Meanwhile, Cincinnati Reds SS Eugenio Suarez had a 4-5 night with 3 runs scored and a dinger on this day in 2019.  As a Red.  Probably.  Getya some, Walt.

This is FanSided article, which means that despite me linking to it, I didn't actually read it.  I did look at the pictures, though, and the little numbers above them that show how many dollars each of the players on this list are stuffing into their wallets this season.  More than anything, it's a fun way of saying "Joey Votto's going to be a 7 WAR player this year and if you're going to criticize him for making too much money, get some perspective," which I thought was too long but still just typed anyway.  Whatever, it's Friday.