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Injury Report 8/15 - All Minors Again

The past month-plus has been very very healthy for the Reds big leaguers.

Fewer injuries, more All-Star teams, Robert!
Fewer injuries, more All-Star teams, Robert!
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The past six weeks have been unusually healthy for Reds players, which is great.  Apart from Nate Adcock's season-ending UCL injury, nothing has surfaced over that time.  So once again, this is a rundown of minor league updates, the most pressing of which is clearly the apparent injury to Robert Stephenson.  He left his start on August 12 after 2 innings, and Doug Gray reports that it may have been a wrist injury bothering the Reds' top prospect.  He hasn't been placed on the DL, so hopefully this is nothing too serious.

Additionally at AAA Louisville, RP Layne Somsen returned from a fractured toe on August 5 after missing 49 days.  Perpetually injured SP/RP Tony Cingrani went on the 7-day DL on July 30 with an undisclosed injury, and even more perpetually injured SS Josciel Veras returned to the DL on August 3.  Since June 27, he has gone on the DL three separate times for a total of 41 days, while being active for a total of 3 days following his first DL stint, and 5 days following his second.  C Ramon Cabrera missed the minimum 7 days with a strained back and returned on August 12, perhaps forced by the injury to fellow C Julio Morillo who was DL'ed that same day.  Morillo had been activated only 5 days earlier from a DL stint which lasted 32 days.  Guys need to quit getting activated and then immediately going back on the DL...

At AA Pensacola, SP Tim Adleman returned from the DL on August 9 after missing 10 days.  At A- Dayton, 1B Daniel Pigott returned to action on July 20.  He had missed the whole season to that point (105 days) with an undisclosed injury.  C Shedric Long returned on August 3 after missing 12 days.

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