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Votto, Suarez not enough as Reds fall 5-3

Lamb's debut marred by a mistake pitch that Adrian Gonzalez sent flying.

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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Joey Votto went 2-4 with the only two extra-base hits of the game for the Reds — a double and a homer. It's an easy nod to him. Eugenio Suarez gets a nod in his direction for having a 2-hole hitterific 1-2 with 2BB, coming home twice in the process.

John Lamb's debut was 6IP, 8H, 5ER, 2BB, 7K but, uh, it didn't look that bad when it happened.

Key Plays

  • BP led off with a hard-hit out, and then a Suarez single and a Votto double got one run in. Reds up 1-0.
  • Jimmy Rollins led off Lamb's debut with a double down the lf line. He moved to third on a single by the unfortunately-nicknamed Kike Hernandez, and then landed on a Justin Turner sac fly. The Dodgers bailed out out Bah Bah with a strike-em-out/throw-em-out to keep the score at 1-1.
  • Lamb was cruising until a two-out rally in the 5th. After Alex Wood bunted into a 2-3 double play, Rollins, Kike, and Turner all singled to bring in a run. An Adrian Gonzalez homer brought in three more. 5-1 Dodgers.
  • The Reds got two back in the 6th on a Suarez walk and a Votto opposite-field homer in Chavez freaking Ravine, as he does. Te Reds ould then record 12 outs in order and lose 5-3.


Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Other than a mistake pitch that Adrian Gonzalez just crushed, Lamb pitched pretty well. That two-out rally was tough to watch, and Lamb was wild early on. He seems like he'll take to domestication quickly — I'm excited to see his next few starts.
  • I read a lot of good stuff tonight. One is Jeb Lund on the Blood Boat, the other is Spencer Hall in Myanmar. Read them both, if you have time.
  • Tomorrow's game will also be at 10:10 p.m. ET, and will feature Davey Holmberg and the hulking wreck of Brett Anderson. Has to be the first time the Reds have had two lefties back-to-back since forever, right?
  • If all the other players are stars, Joey is the Northern Lights.