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Farmers Only: Naughty (In a Good Way, a Bad Way, and Travieso)

The Bats and Dragons get coal for their offensive challenges, but Daytona and Pensacola provided more than enough. Meanwhile, Nick Travieso is back and he's dealing, and Jesse Winker is bashing.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Bats 0, Columbus Clippers 3

The poor Bats were blanked by the Clippers to a tune of 0-3. Donn "Golden Gloves" Roach was the loser here, but he was mainly fine. Roach gave up 9 hits, but though 3 runs were scored, only 1 of them was earned. Layne "Something" Somsen and Drew "Laynes" Hayes each went 1 inning with nothing scored, but the Bats offense could provide nothing in the way of runs. The team tallied 8 hits, but none of the run scoring variety and only one extra base hit, from Chris Berset, who managed a 2-3, 2B night. Hernan "The Barbarian" Iribarren managed 2 hits himself, but otherwise not much else was going on.

Up Next: The dreaded TBD will be out there throwing rocks for the Bats, as they take on the Clippers at 7:05 ET.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos 13, Birmingham Barons 10

The Wahoos did not hurt for offense, out flying the Barons. The pitching, eh. "Double" Barrett Astin started and went 5 innings with 9 hits and 5 earned, allowing 2 home runs. Patrick "Phew" Schuster went only 0.2 IP, with 2 earned. Kevin Shackelford was more like "HACKelford", doing worse in his 0.2 allowing 3 ER on 2 BB. Zack Weiss held up his end of the bargain, earning the save on 1.2 IP, 0 ER, and 3 SO. Thankfully, all of the Wahoos managed a hit, 3 of them earning more than 2 and two more earning 2. Bryson Smith was red hot, going 5-6 with 4 RBI and 2 runs scored. "Uncle" Jesse Winker was 3-5 with a winked wanger, 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. Juan "Duran" Duran was 3-5 with a dinger of his own, 4 RBI and 2 runs scored.

Up Next: Daniel Wright will attempt to shuck the Shuckers tonight at 7:40 ET.

Daytona Tortugas 8, Dunedin Blue Jays 0

Daytona managed the opposite of their big brother Bats, shutting out Dunedin. "Naughty" Nick Travieso is back, and he's fantastic, to a tune of 5 IP, 0 ER, 4 K and 2 BB. Seth Varner went 3 innings of 0 run ball with 3 hits and 3 strike outs, while Evan Mitchell finished it with 1 innings, 1 walk and 1 strike out all told. The offense for the Dragonas was alive, sparked, if you will, by Taylor "Bubba" Sparks with a 3-4 day with a double, a dinger, 5 RBI (!) and 2 runs scored. Chad Wallach was 2-4 with a double, a walk, an RBI and 3 runs scored. Jeff "Jelly" Gelalich was 2-5 with a run scored. Phil "Trouble with the" Ervin was 1-4 with a walk.

Up Next: Would you look at that? It's General Jackson Stephens on the mound Wednesday for the Dragonas at 6:30 ET.

Dayton Dragons 1, Peoria Chiefs 2

The Dragons couldn't manage runs on this day, either, and were scalped by the Chiefs. Jake "Fight Club" Paulson was pretty good, allowing 5 hits and 2 earned in his 6 innings, with 6 strike outs and no walks. Brennan "Shark?" Bernardino went 2 innings allowing only 2 hits with a strike out, and Joe Mantoni "Spaghetti" went 1 innings with only one hit. Unfortunately, the Dragons offense wasn't here to stay. Six of the Dragons 7 hits came from 3 people: Shedric "Don" Long managed a 2-4 night, Avain "Bird Flu" Rachal was 2-3 with a walk and the only run scored, and Jonathan "I Don't Know So" Reynoso was 2-3 with the only ribeye.

Up Next: Juan Morillo will take on the Chiefs tonight at 7:00 ET.

Billings Mustangs 3, Idaho Falls Chukars 5

Franderlyn Romero started this one and was unspectacular, going 5 IP, allowing 5 hits, 2 walks and 3 earned runs. Jordan "Hell's Kitchen" Ramsey was tagged with the loss for his 1.1 innings of 1 earned ball. Sarkis "Buckeye" Ohanian went 1 inning with 2 strike outs, and Jacob "Hank" Moody went 1.2 innings allowing an unearned run and 2 walks. Kevin Franklin notched 2 hits for the 'Stangs, as did Shane Mardirosian, while Ed "Ritz" Charlton, Reydel "Funky Cold Medina" Medina, and Dalton Carter all batted a run in.

Up Next: Tanner Rainey will be call upon to pluck the Chukars at 9:05 ET.

AZL Reds 2, AZL Diamondbacks 6

Bernardo Moreta (seriously, the names down in AZL are just great) lasted only 2 innings in the start, but allowed only 2 hits and 1 run off of a 1 run dinger, while also striking out 2. Adrian "A-Rod" Rodriguez spelled him for 3 innings allowing 5 hits, 2 runs (1 earned), 1 walk to go with 3 strike outs. Alexis "Tiny" Diaz went 1.1 innings that saw 3 runs score (none earned), and Issac Anesty finished the last 1.1, allowing 3 hits and 2 inducing a punch outs. Much like their non-Wahoo and Tortuga counterparts, the runs did not come, however. James Vasquez was 2-4, as was Michael "Adrian" Beltre, who had 2 doubles. Blake "Blame It on the" Butler was 1-3 with a honked wanger and a walk. Francis "Franky" Guerrero was responsible for the other RBI.

Up Next: The Baby Reds will take a nap, not play baseball on Wednesday.