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Cincinnati Reds Links 8/1/2015: Trade deadline post-mortem

A roundup of links for your Saturday enjoyment

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As the dust settles on the non-waiver trade deadline, for some reason many people feel compelled to assign grades or declare winners and losers.  While these sort of knee-jerk reactions may be a bit silly, let's see what people are saying about the Reds trade deadline activities.

Jon Heyman declares the Reds "losers" for only going halfway on their rebuild.  He also worries that none of the three lefties the Kansas City Royals shipped over for Johnny Cueto can stick in the rotation and may all end up relievers.

Grant Brisbee, however, listed the Reds as one of the "winners." Despite others worrying about the lack of bats coming back in trades, Brisbee notes that with 80% of last year's rotation playing for other teams (and the other 20% recovering from Tommy John surgery), the Reds have a need for pitching and "did more than OK, especially considering that they dealt two pending free agents."  Like many, Brisbee wonders why Aroldis Chapman didn't get moved, but acknowledged that there will be plenty of time to make a deal this winter.

So that's one writer declaring the Reds winners and one declaring them losers.  To break the tie, let's see what Jeff Passan has to say for Yahoo:  "One thumb up, with the other reserved for if the pitchers stay healthy."  Damn you and your nuanced take, Passan.  We're trying to build a narrative here.

In former Reds news, Cueto got a no-decision in his Royals debut last night as the team fell 7-6 to the equally-all-in Toronto Blue Jays in extra innings.  Cueto pitched six innings, striking out seven, but allowing three runs on seven hits and two walks.  His next outing will likely be this Thursday against the Detroit TigersMike Leake, meanwhile, is expected to make his San Francisco Giants debut tomorrow against the Texas Rangers.  Best of luck to both of them.

And what of the Reds that remain?  Brandon Phillips for one was "very surprised" by the moves the team made, although it's unclear whether he thought they did too much or not enough.  Jay Bruce was relieved to still be with the team, saying the Reds were "like family" to him, and when asked if he was happy to still be a Red, Aroldis Chapman answered, simply, "Si." Joey Votto, on the other hand, expressed his feelings about the current state of the Reds by walking four times in last night's game for only the second time in his career.