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Cincinnati Reds Links and Hidden Pop Music for 7/30/15

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How many days are in July again? I know the trade deadline is the end of July, but I can never remember that rhyme that tells me how many days are in each month "remember, remember, the month with 29 days is September" ? Whatever. Anyway, the trade deadline is soon-ish, so a flurry of deals are coming through - former Red Mat Latos to the DodgersBrandon Moss to St. LouisCole Hamels to the Rangers. No activity for the Reds after the Cueto trade - the last information still putting the Diamondbacks and Reds in the "some kind of mouth-sounds were exchanged" category on Chapman.

Some of the best Reds news is coming from Louisville these days. Robert Stephenson says that he could be ready to pitch with the Reds, if the big league club is inclined to offer an invitation, but "[a]t the same time, if they didn't, then there's definitely things I can still work on."  According to Ted Power, the AAA pitching coach, one of those things is having his breaking balls start in the zone. Power also talked the Courier Journal about plans for incoming prospect Brandon Finnegan who arrived in Louisville on Monday. Barry Larkin and Eric Davis stopped by to watch Bats players hit off a tee. Plus, there's a "Cincinnati Reds Legends" exhibition opening at the Louisville Slugger museum on August 8 - with a lego model of Great American Ballpark, to boot.

Of course, there's good news for the major league team, too. Like Joey Votto, who has been very Joey Votto, of late. He described being awesome on a bottom of the division team as "bittersweet".  And Jay Bruce, who casually mentioned that he would prefer not to be traded, was named a finalist for the 2015 Bob Feller Act of Valor Award, for his  'Bruce's Battalion' project, which gives Reds' tickets to current and former military and their families.  Tonight is also UK basketball night at GABP, which I know we can all agree is a good and great thing.

So that guy who video taped himself running onto the field at GABP was arrested.

Also, if you're looking for a really good time, I recommend reading these yelp reviews of Great American Ballpark, sorted by rating, in ascending order.