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Cincinnati Reds links - Giants scouting Aroldis Chapman

Tuesday links!

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Since Johnny Cueto is no longer part of the Cincinnati Reds (goodnight, sweet prince!), the eyes of the rest of the baseball world have moved to the other attractive pieces the Redlegs may have on the market.  One such talented baseballer is closer Aroldis Chapman, and according to's Jon Morosi, the San Francisco Giants have at least approached the Reds to see what it would take to acquire him.  The Giants currently sit eleven games over .500, but they've seen usually reliable LH reliever Jeremy Affeldt struggle and spend time on the DL with a shoulder strain, they've DFA'd Jean Machi, and both Sergio Romo and Santiago Casilla have had up and down seasons, so adding a reliever of Chapman's ilk could help solidify a group in flux.  Given that it's an odd year, though, they probably have more interest in his team control next year for their fourth World Series run.

Speaking of that Cueto guy who doesn't play for my favorite team anymore, the guys at FanGraphs have done a solid job breaking down who the Reds got in return for their ace and what they may develop in to.  Prospect guru Kiley McDaniel dove in to provide readers with great insights into Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, and Cody Reed, and it's apparent that the Reds have a trio of new farmhands that have a bevy of upside.  What's becoming more and more clear as the articles I read about these three mount up is that Reed - the least advanced of the bunch in terms of past hype and level reached - sounds increasingly like a guy to keep an eye on moving forward.

This one's fun:  The Enquirer's Paul Daugherty thinks that the Reds losing Cueto is a clear example of "small market woes." To that, I say hogwash.  Who was the biggest name pitcher in the last year of his contract last season?  Max Scherzer.  Who did he play for and not sign an extension with so that he could reach free agency?  The Detroit Tigers.  Who has the fourth highest payroll in all of baseball in 2015 (and fifth highest in 2014)?  The Detroit Tigers.  So, hogwash.  The Reds lost Cueto not because they're small market, they lost Cueto because of the strategy they employed in keeping the rest of their roster under contract (which, in case you didn't notice, includes a quarter-billion contract, a nine-figure contract, and the decision to keep a middle-infielder through age 36 for some $99 million total).  By the way, this hogwash will all play out again in short order when the richest team in all of baseball - the Los Angeles Dodgers - get to watch Zack Greinke void his contract and enter free agency this off-season, too.  Hog-freaking-wash.

ESPN 1530's Mo Egger is keeping track of the latest Reds movement as the trade deadline approaches.  Here's his Tuesday update.

In actual Reds baseball writing, C. Trent Rosecrans looked at which moves the Reds may make next in the wake of shipping their ace out of town.  Look, kids!  It's actually good, topical writing from The Enquirer that hits point after relevant point!

Finally, Sam LeCure is having a fun Tuesday morning: