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Johnny Cueto Countdown, Part IV

The ace's Reds' aceness has a timer.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What's the only thing better than Cincinnati Reds ace Johnny Cueto slicing up opponents' eyeballs en route to a vintage dominant performance?

When said performance comes against the St. Louis Cardinals, of course.

Johnny takes the mound again for the Reds on Wednesday against the Minnesota Twins, and with his time as a member of the Reds most likely dwindling, the least we can do to praise his phenomenal run with the team is to celebrate his past successes.  Today, we look back at his September 11, 2014 outing against the filthy Cards in GABP, a start in which he yielded just three singles, struck out seven, and allowed nary a run in his eight acey innings as part of a 1-0 victory against their NL Central rivals.

Few - if any - Reds pitchers have had the ability to claim success against St. Louis, but Cueto has at least tasted it a time or two.  This 2014 start may well be atop the list of his best performances against his biggest foe, and it's certainly one worth celebrating.

Rock on, Johnny.

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