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Cincinnati Reds Links - 6/25/15

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This is an awkward photograph.
This is an awkward photograph.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In an incredibly meaningful study done by research institution "Grammarly", Reds fans have the 8th best grammar of all MLB teams. The Indians came out on top, which makes a pretty good showing for the State of Ohio, which, based on my "list of preconceived notions about grammatical strengths of various states based on basically nothing" is quite a surprise. Of course, before we award the Indians fans the "Best Grammar in Baseball" trophy, a read on the methodology is necessary.

Grammarly reviewed 150 reader comments from the news section of each team’s website and studied how many grammar errors were found per 100 words.

That's...something, alright. To be fair,  I've never actually been brave enough to go to a comment section on, so I don't really have a frame of reference. And really, this is just a silly bit of promotional material without any expectation to be taken seriously, so hooray to us, or something.

Go vote for Todd Frazier for the All-Star Game, people. It's your civic duty. Frazier is catching up in the voting, but has a long way to go - and voting ends one week from today.

Mini injury report: Raisel Iglesias feels better. Brandon Phillips feels less better.

The game we missed against the Tigers has been rescheduled for Monday, August 24.

In former Reds who did not lie about betting on baseball news, Austin Kearns, a man best known for growing up in the same neighborhood as me, is volunteer coaching baseball for Lexington Christian Academy. Over at the Enquirer, John Fay presents Jeff Shaw as an object lesson in why you absolutely do not trust gentlemen's agreements with your general manager. And Tom Browning is giving advice to our pitching prospects in Dayton, which I'm pretty sure has all been paraphrased from If, by Rudyard Kipling.

On the international baseball for women front (yes, it's not much of a front, really), Melissa Mayeux, a 16-year-old shortstop from France has signed up on MLB's international registration list, making her eligible to be signed by an MLB club as an international free agent. Her addition to the list, it seems, is mostly a function of her participating in MLB-sponsored development events in Europe, but it's clear that she's a legitimate player among her European peers. In any case, I suspect she has a good shot at playing for France's 2017 World Baseball Classic/Qualifying Team. (In 2012, Jim Stoeckel, the Reds Director of Global managed Team France at the Qualifiers, so might just have an in.) Step 1 in the campaign for women to destroy all men take over baseball complete. Every day is Girl's Day.

Ok, so imagine you're stranded on a desert island, which Reds product would you rather have with you? This $997.99 diamond and white gold wishbone C necklace? Or this All-Star Game special sausage: a "hot mett concoction called the Flying Pig Popper"? I think we can all agree they would be equally useful in my hypothetical island rescue situation. In any case, we really do live in a glorious time.