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Little Nicky, Littler Bats: Reds lose 5-0

Reds are silent in Justin Nicolino's MLB debut. So was the gamethread.

The specter of Cincinnati
The specter of Cincinnati
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

It's hard to give this to a Red. Badenhop and Adcock both got 4 Marlins out without botching things, which probably serves for the two finest Reds for the day. I'm more inclined to give this award to Derek Dietrich, who hit two homers on the afternoon. He definitely had the greatest impact on the day, though Nicolino's 7 shutout debut innings was pretty solid.

Key Plays

  • After three no-hit innings, Desclafani decided that he needed to give his former farmmate Nicolino some support. So he let up a Dietrich homer, a Yelich double, a Stanton single, a couple soft outs, another double, and an intentional walk before getting the pitcher out. Marlins up 3-0.
  • Disco kept everything quiet afterwards, as did Badenhop. All good until Manny Parra left too many pitches up and gave up a pair of runs on a Gordon double and Dietrich dinger. Marlins 5-0.
  • Suarez hit a double once. And I think Bruce hit a single.


Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Nicloino and Desclafani were both old Blue Jays farmhands traded in the Great Marlins Firesale. Nice to see them meet, gesticulating wildly towards each other while their mothers traded lasagna recipes.
  • BP went 0-4 with three grounders, made 5 outs, and is generally just hurting hurting hurting.
  • Gametime is 1:10 ET tomorrow, as Michael Lorenzen faces some dude named Phelps.
  • Owen Watson at Fangraphs has a nice little study of Frazier's power surge. It doesn't say much you don't know – he's pulling the heck out of balls up in the zone – but it's fun to read.
  • So that's one fun thing about this team right now.