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Cincinnati Reds Links 6/18/15

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Mini injury report: Everyone still injured

Everything is awesome!

I think it was discussed on the broadcast last night, but yesterday it was announced that Ken Griffey Sr.  and Tony Perez would be managing the US and World teams, respectively, for the All Star Futures Game (July 12). The Futures game is always fun, but the managing probably doesn't matter very much, so using that for a host-team-history angle makes a lot of sense.

In other All-Star news, MLB has given us the more official All-Star game hats, which have two stripes on them as a throwback to old Reds pillbox hats.I guess using only the front panels for the stripes is a little less garish, but you can hardly even see what they're trying to get at. On the other hand, these imagined(?) caps weren't much better. I wish they would have just gone with pillbox hats.

In other other All-Star non-news, Todd Frazier remains the one true choice for NL Third baseman. I think so. Todd Frazier thinks so. That's basically everyone important, right?

On June 12, the Reds announced that they had signed first round pick Tyler Stephenson, a high school from Georgia. Funny story, I was going to make a crack about the Reds setting records for number of Stephensons picked in the first round of the draft, but I looked it up, and actually the Red Sox have picked Stephensons in the first round three times We're currently tied with the Cubs, Orioles, and Indians with two Stephensons. STEP IT UP, REDS FRONT OFFICE.

Buster Olney Ken Rosenthal  (Wtf franey) sez the Reds need to trade Chapman, since we can't use him properly. Which is kind of true. Sorry, Aroldis, we were not worthy.