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Reds walk off on Tigers after 13 innings, Todd Frazier does it again

Well that went late. Todd Frazier puts the Tigers to bed in GRAND fashion.

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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Really, you could just put everything I wrote last time about Todd Frazier right here. And maybe you could give it to Jay Bruce, who had 5 hits in a game for the Reds for the first time since Willy Tavares in 2009. But, I'm sorry, if you hit a walk off grand slam in the bottom of the 13th inning, well, you get the trophy.

So all those good feels from Tuesday night. Just apply them right here. Our Todd is an awesome Todd.

Honorable mention to Jay Bruce, who had the aforementioned 5 hits. Brayan Pena, who had 4 hits, an RBI and a run scored. Chris Dominguez who had a triple and an RBI. Joey Votto for his pinch hitting 1-1. Donovan Hand, who was pressed into long relief action for his first major league appearance since 2013 and gave up nary and a run. And to anyone who actually stayed awake for this whole thing. Good on you.

Key Plays

  • The Reds got the scoring rolling in the bottom of the 2nd when Jay Bruce led off the inning with a double down the right field line. Brayan Peña singled on a line drive to center field that was hit hard enough Jay had to stop at 3rd. Chris Dominguez struck out swinging, but Eugenio Suarez laid down a perfect bunt for a suicide squeeze, scoring Bruce. Johnny Cueto grounded out, but the Reds scratched out a run against David Price, which is really cool. Reds led, 1-0.
  • Todd Frazier stays en fuego. In the bottom of the 4th, he continued his baseball blitz with ANOTHER home run, his third in two nights. Bruce popped out, but Peña notched another hit. Dominguez stuck out, but Suarez walked. However, Johnny Cueto is a great pitcher, not a great batter, and ended the inning on a ground out. Rats. Reds led, 2-0
  • In the top of the 6th, Anthony Gose does what Anthony Gose does, singling to get on base after David Price struck out. Ian Kinsler walked to bring up Miguel Cabrera, which, you know, isn't a good thing. That "not-a-good-thing" turned into a "really bad thing" when Cabrera rocked a Cueto offering into the seats for a three run dinger. Cabrera, man. He'll get everyone, if you test him enough.
  • The sky opened up and the rain started pouring down. Delayed game.
  • After an hour plus rain delay, Manny Parra was called upon to get the last 2 outs of the top of the 6th. He did, because Manny Parra has been money since his DL stint. However, Cabrera put the Tigers on top, 3-2.
  • The bottom of the 6th featured an unlikely hero. After Frazier lined out, Bruce singled. Peña hit a ball that sure seemed like Kinsler missed on purpose to get Bruce and leave the slower Peña on the basepaths. Well, so much for that plan, Kinsler! Dominguez shot a ball deep into the gap in left center for triple, scoring Peña. Suarez flew out, but the Reds evened the score after the delay. Tied 3-3.
  • To lead off the top of the 8th, Tyler Collins deposited the first pitch he saw into the seats, putting the Tigers back on top. Ryan Matteus managed to get the one, two, and three hitters out after that, but the Tigers pulled ahead 4-3.
  • In the bottom of the 8th, the Reds put themselves behind the 8 Ball by getting 2 outs with no one on. Jay Bruce then doubled. Peña does what Peña has been doing, hitting a hard hit grounder down the middle that hopped off the bag, allowing Bruce to score. JOEY VOTTO stepped in to take a hack at it on his day off and delivered a single into right field, advancing Peña to 3rd. Skip Schumaker came up next, but was retired after a questionable check swing strike out. Dang. Tied 4-4.
  • We got bonus baseball. After a rain delay. Woo?
  • In the bottom of the 13th, Skip Schumaker singled to center, Billy Hamilton walked, and Phillips singled to left, bringing up Todd Frazier with the bases loaded. It ended badly for the Tigers. WALK OFF GRAND SLAM. Reds win, 8-4

Tony Graphanino

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Other Notes
  • Rain delays are the worst, you guys. It also robbed us of the end of a pitcher's duel between Johnny Cueto and David Price. I'm sure they both still had some magic left for us to see.
  • Shout out to blog friends Bless You Boys for being good sports tonight after we got off to a bad start/misunderstanding. You all are welcome here anytime. Let's just not talk about Alfredo Simon.
  • From our former fearless leader Joel Luckhaupt: Todd Frazier has 41 extra base hits through 65 games. The only one with more through as many games? Johnny Bench (44) in 1970. But who did he just pass? Joey Votto (40) in 2012. Frazier subsequently hit another, obviously, to bring that total to 42. Remember how we felt about Joey Votto in 2012? We should probably start attributing those feelings to Todd Frazier.
  • Since returning from the DL, Manny Parra has allowed nothing. Not a run, not a hit in 7 innings. Yes, I know it's 7 innings, but in half that much time in April, Parra allowed 7 hits. He's been a calming presence that the Reds bullpen has needed.
  • I think the vast majority of us were skeptical when Donovan Hand was brought up earlier this week, but he came through in a big way. Give him a hand, would ya?
  • Tunes that describe how we feel about ourselves just as much as we feel about our Reds.
  • The Reds and Tigers will do it one more time at 7:10 EDT. Mike Leake will take the mound against Justin Verlander.