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Cincinnati Reds Links 6/13/2015

A roundup of links for your Saturday enjoyment

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In advance of next month's All-Star Game festivities, the city of Cincinnati yesterday unveiled ten handlebar mustache statues that have been strategically placed around the area, with more to come as the game draws nearer.  The handlebar mustache design is a nod to Cincinnati's long and storied baseball history (and props to the Enquirer's Sydney Murray for describing Cincinnati as the "home to America's first professional baseball team in 1869" rather than encouraging the far more common and far less accurate "The Reds are the oldest team in baseball" myth).  I don't live in the area myself, so I won't be able to visit the statues in person, but of somebody else is planning a mustache ride around the city to check them out, I'd love to hear about it.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports listed his top 40 trade targets as the deadline approaches.  Unsurprisingly, a full 10% of his list are Reds, including the second and third most desirable pieces in baseball.  There are some interesting names on the list, several of whom are unlikely to be moved for various reasons, but it's an interesting place to start now that the draft is over and trades are likely to start happening within the next couple of weeks.

Along the same lines, Phil Rogers lists the top five likeliest landing spots for Johnny Cueto. According to him, the Toronto Blue Jays have spent the most time scouting the Reds ace, so hopefully they like what they see, although Rogers notes that the Jays have young pitching to trade, which is what the Reds have the most of.  Anyway, check out the list, prospect nerds, and start setting expectations now!

This past Wednesday, June 10, was the anniversary of Joe Nuxhall setting one of baseball's most unbreakable records when he became the youngest player ever to appear in a major league game.  Nuxhall accomplished the feat in 1944 at the tender age of 15, and it was the beginning of a long relationship with the Reds that lasted nearly the rest of his life.

Finally, Will Leitch of Sports on Earth listed the most fun player to watch on every single team. Can't argue with his choice for the Reds, even if, as Leitch points out, Aroldis Chapman's days in red might be numbered.  But he makes some interesting choices here, a few of which I don't agree with at all.  I'd be interested to hear everyone else's takes.