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Devin Mesoraco is Back to Rehab With Hip "Soreness".

This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

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Many of you may have already heard, but if you haven't, I'm sure that you have been waiting diligently for this news.  The Cincinnati Reds, in all their nonsensical wisdom, have decided to put the Devin Mesoraco in left field experiment on hold.  Color me abso-falcon-lutely surprised.  Sarcasm. John Fay broke the news just a little over an hour ago, even though he's probably been waiting by the phone (or harassing the Reds' brass constantly) until he finally received the go ahead to write something.  The course of action has been clear for most fans.  Devin Mesoraco is not healthy, he cannot catch, and trying him in left field isn't going to help his hip feel any better.  The doctors say it can't get any worse, but I don't see how that's true.  Either way, it is delaying his preparation for 2016.

If you've been living under a rock, like I've been trying to do when it comes to Reds news lately, you'd know Devin has been working on playing in left field.  It makes a little sense with Byrd being hurt, but Devin literally can't get in a squat position.  Can he tie his shoes?  Does he wear Velcro cleats or maybe slip-ons?  Do they even make Velcro cleats?  How does he get his socks on?  Sounds painful with a banged up hip.  I hurt my back two weeks ago, and I'm still struggling to get my socks on my feet.  I'm using the throw it over the toe and snatch it method.

Devin practiced for about a week in left field and has played a total of three games in AAA.  One game, he had no balls hit to him.  In another, he botched a diving play but threw a runner out at third.  He has one hit and one walk in those three games.  The Reds had given Devin a "scheduled" day off on Thursday, which was actually because of a death in his family.  My condolences to Devin and his family, by the way.   Now, he's "sore".  No, assholes, he's freaking hurt.  He's injured.  He needs legitimate medical attention.  Pushing him to play left field now won't help the team in 2015 and will only hurt them in 2016.

Regardless, the Reds are still, for some reason, holding out hope that they can contend this year.  They can't, but they'll probably continue to pretend that they can.  The players play and the coaches coach.  We can't fault them for that.  We can't fault Devin Mesoraco for wanting to be out there with his teammates.  It's pretty obvious we could use his bat.  However, it's Walt Jocketty's responsibility to do what is best for the team.  I'm talking the present and the future, during and after his contract.  Just like the coaches and trainers, it is his responsibility to also look after the health of his players.  They're not just assets, they're also people.  Right now, he isn't doing that and neither are the Reds as an organization.  This is one of the biggest muck ups I've ever seen a professional organization undergo.  It's embarrassing, and it makes me want to stop caring.

This experiment needs to end, and until it does, Walt Jocketty can kiss my lily-white ass.

Editor's Note:  I was reading news articles about the Cleveland Browns before I wrote this.  This is more embarrassing than being a Browns fan.  Seriously.