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Farmers Only: At Least We Have Daytona

Bats bunted, Wahoos boo-hoo'd, and the Dragons were no Drogon. But at least the Turtles were mighty.

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Louisville 3, Durham 6

As you've probably already heard, Devin Mesoraco didn't play in this one. It was a scheduled off day, apparently for a death in the family (best wishes, Devin) but also because Devin ain't feeling so well after playing a few games out in left field. This whole thing, along with this season, is dumb dumb dumb.

Anyway, after bringing up Chris Dominguez and Eugenio Suarez, the Bats are playing with some different personnel. And, of course, they lost. Donovan Hand "Job" went 5 IP giving up 4 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 home runs and nary a strikeout. Not so good, Mr. Hand. Pedro Villarreal, new reliever same as the old reliever, gave up 3 hits and an earned run in his homecoming, as well.

Yorman "Big League Man?" Rodriguez was 1-4 with a double, Josh Satin was 2-4, and Jermaine "I Don't Know Who This Is" Curtis was 2-4 with a double and an RBI.  "Prospect In Air Quotes" Ryan LaMarre was 1-4 with a run scored.
Up Next: Dylan "Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan" Axelrod will spit hot fire against the Bulls at 7:05pm.

Pensacola 1, Montgomery 6

The Wahoos got baked by the Biscuits on Thursday night. Wandy Peralta went 4.1 IP with 8 hits, 4 earned and 3 walks to only 2 Ks. That's not great. Uncle Jesse Winker went 0-2 with 3 walks and the only run scored, getting batted in by Juan "Don" Perez on his only hit. Kyle "Tear Down This" Waldrop went 1-3 with a walk, and Cam Maron went 1-2 with 2 walks. Pensacola was NOT good, if you couldn't tell, and they'll get no biscuits before bed tonight.
Up Next: JakeJohn Johnson will go tonight in Montgomery at 8:05pm eastern.

Daytona 6, St. Lucie 5

In the first game of a double header, the Dragonas walked off on the Lucies. The good pitching news: Amir "Levi" Garrett was money, allowing only 1 hit and 3 walks with 8 strikeouts to go along with his 0 earned runs in 5.1 IP. The bad pitching news: 2014 first round draft pick Nick Howard gave up 5 hits and 3 earned in 0.2 IP to blow a save. Ugh.

Sebastian Elizalde had himself a night, going 2-4 with a home run and 3 RBI. Taylor Sparks knocked a New Booty himself on his 1-3 night. Phillip Ervin was 1-4 with an RBI and a run scored, and Alex Blandino was 1-2 with an RBi and a walk AND a run scored.

Daytona 3, St. Lucie 2

The Tortugas won by one again in game 2, but no walk off needed. Nick "Rowdy" Routt went 5 IP with 5 hits 2 walks and but only 2 earned. Phil Ervin was 0-1 with a walk and an RBI, Alex Blandino was 2-3 with a triple and an RBI, and Elizalde was 0-3 with no walks and an RBI so, whatever. That's all that happened, but that's all that needed to happen for the Turtles. 
Up Next: Sal "Everybody Loves" Romano will open it up at home against the Tampa Yankees at 7:05pm.

Dayton 1, Wisconsin 8

It was not a good night for the original Dayton without an A team. Junior Morillo got the start and the loss, he went 5 IP with 10 hits and 5 earned (but walked no one). Brian "Beef" O'Grady was 1-2 with the only RBI and also a walk. Gavin LaValley, Ronald Bueno, Luis Gonzalez, Garrett Boulware, and Jimmy Pickens all had 1 hit, I'm not even gonna try for nicknames and that's about it for this stupid game.
Up Next: "Is it Tee-Hay?" Antone will take the bump against the Timber Rattlers at 7pm.