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MLB Draft What-If Machine: What if every Reds first-round pick panned out and also they were all named Jason?

Sometimes, hypotheticals.

Crank up the MLB Draft What-If Machine!
Crank up the MLB Draft What-If Machine!
Rob Carr/Getty Images

The MLB Draft is unlike any other draft in major American sports. Nearly every kid drafted this week is little known beyond the most hardcore amateur baseball circles. In most cases, it takes a good long time for draftees to make The Show, if they make it at all.

But still, the draft is the deepest and richest mine for a baseball organization to find talent. Getting the right guy with your first-round pick is critical. So I wanted to take a look at what the 2015 Reds would look like if they struck gold on every first-round pick they've had for the last 10 years and also those guys were all named Jason.

Here's what that hypothetical lineup would look like. Are you ready for this?

CF Jason
SS Jason
1B Jason
RF Jason
3B Jason
LF Jason
2B Jason
C Jason
SP Jason

Crazy, huh? That's a really talented, formidable lineup. And also, they are all named Jason. And we can only sit back and say, "What if?"