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Devin Mesoraco suffers setback, will probably opt for surgery

Why am I not surprised?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

2015, man. The more this year goes on, the more it looks like last year. Just this afternoon, the beat fellas all reported that Devin Mesoraco suffered a setback with his hip when he tried to catch a bit yesterday. John Fay speculates that Mes will opt to have the surgery and shut it down for the season.

While I'm really disappointed for Devin that it has come to this, I can't say I feel the same empathy for the Reds' brass. It's so strange. Like you know how you can get acclimated to a certain situation so much that what would initially be upsetting eventually becomes the norm and you don't notice it anymore? Red called it "institutionalized." And this is about the Reds. And I think I feel that way right now about the Reds. This simile has layers.

Mesoraco hasn't caught in a game since April 12. That's like six weeks. For six weeks, the Reds have sat him on the bench with a serious injury. I know this looks really damn obvious in hindsight, but even at the time it looked pretty damn obvious. These six weeks have only pushed the obviousness meter from "pretty" to "really."

I mean, if I squint, I can understand the rationale behind keeping him active to be a pinch-hitter and hopefully the rest and other therapeutic doings would fix him up enough that he could avoid the surgery, even if for just a little while.

I'm sure we have all had that moment at work where we are watching our boss make a huge and obvious mistake. This is somebody you respect and trust, so as you are watching this happen you are just kinda like, "Wait, what? I mean, okay. Maybe I'm way wrong here. I guess I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." And then you see how it all plays out and it totally blows up in his/her face. And you have that moment where you say to yourself, "Oh. Crap. This person didn't deserve as much respect and trust as I had initially given him/her."

This is like that.