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Reds - Royals Final Score: Reds bats struggle against the mighty Jeremy Guthrie, lose 7-1

This was a bad, bad baseball game. The Reds' offense struggled and Jason Marquis pitched.

This is pretty cool, I think
This is pretty cool, I think
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

I'm going to preemptively give this award to Reds' General Manager Walt Jocketty for finally showing mercy on the tortured crowds of Reds fans and dropping worthless pitcher Jason Marquis. At least, I hope. Maybe if I give him this award now he'll feel obligated to follow through. Marquis stinks.

He threw only 3.2 innings tonight and gave up four runs. Stop him now before his ERA gets to 7.00. It's 6.91 now, by the way. Like you care.

An honorary mention is preemptively due to Bryan Price for realizing that Walt isn't going to do a damn thing about it and finally naming Marquis his "long man," which is code for "shut up and sit there and cash your checks but don't you ever say a word to me or I swear to God."

Key Plays

  • The Reds loaded the bases in the first inning as Brandon Phillips singled and Joey Votto and Todd Frazier walked, but Marlon Byrd struck out (against Jeremy Guthrie, mind you) and Jay Bruce flew out to CF. Nothin' doin'.
  • Eric Hosmer led off the bottom of the second inning with a handsome double to RF. He was then moved along by a ground out and a sac fly. The Brennamen made sure to let you know that they firmly believe that this is the way it is done.
  • Reds managed a threat in the top of the fourth, but got nothing.
  • In the bottom of the fourth, Jason Marquis pitched. A little bit, anyway. Well, if you want to call that "pitching." He was pulled after 3.2 innings and four runs. I hope he never does any of that for the Reds ever again.
  • Ryan Mattheus came on in relief of Marquis and got into a spot of trouble in the fifth, loading the bases without getting an out. But he rolled up a double play and got out of the inning while only allowing a single run to score. Pretty decent work from the mop-up fella. Nice debut, Weird Name!
  • The top of the Reds' lineup did some work in the seventh as Cozart singled and Phillips chased him home with a double. And it even happened with two outs!
  • The Royals scored some more. I think it was the eighth? I don't know. They ended up winning 7-1.

Tony Graphanino

When Jason Marquis pitches, Red Reporter is all like:

Other Notes

  • Even Marty is on board with the "get rid of Marquis" train. And I think the misappropriated Mark Twain quote about Cincinnati was uttered specifically with Marty in mind.
  • Sean Marshall had shoulder surgery today to repair a torn capsule and possibly even a torn labrum. Some were thinking this would be a career-ender. They might have to put a steel rod where his shoulder used to be. But turns out, nothing was wrong. He just had a bit of fluid built up in the shoulder. So they drained it and closed him up. He should be throwing in a month or so. He might even pitch this season. How about that. That's actually some good news, for once.
  • The Reds scored zero runs in their first 15 innings in Kansas City, mostly against the likes of Yordano Ventura and Jeremy Guthrie. Their combined ERA entering the series was around 5.00.
  • Both Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias pitched tonight in relief. Maybe they are lining them up to take over for Marquis.
  • Skip Schumaker pinch-hit for Billy Hamilton in the ninth inning, if you were wondering how bad things have gotten for Billy. Skip laced a meaningless double, btw.
  • Tomorrow the Reds begin play for the Ohio Cup in Cleveland. First pitch is 7:10, Mike Leake vs. Carlos Carrasco.
  • If I were to make a mixed tape for Walt, this would be track #1.