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Cincinnati Reds Links 5/14/15

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This is a terrible bunt attempt, Billy.
This is a terrible bunt attempt, Billy.
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Since we've all decided that Billy Hamilton needs to be better at bunting, he and Billy Hatcher have started a new drill to improve his bunting. And he had two successful-ish bunts on Tuesday, so yay. I mean, if you google "Billy Hamilton bunting", you get results for Billy Hamilton to work on his bunting from basically every day from  the last two years, but apparently all that practice was crap, and this is the bunting practice that we need right now.

Maybe Billy should bring Michael Lorenzen with him to bunting practice, as he thinks he's the second fastest player on the team (and mentions Kris Negron as being the main competition) Sadly, that meanie-pants Bryan Price is "discouraging" the team from finding out who exactly the second fastest Red is. Boo. I mean, what could go wrong?

Speaking of Kris Negron, I feel like I've seen a lot of personal pieces on him this year, and here's another one. He mentions that he catches Mike Leake between innings, and caught bullpens in AAA, so really we have four catchers right now.

JJ Hoover's wife works at the Cincinnati Zoo, and here is a picture of her, and JJ Hoover, and a WOLF. Can this be a new sports movie where the wolf becomes the newest member of the Cincinnati Reds? Because it should be. I mean, wolves are probably like top 5 in animals with the most grit. Also heart. Like, the heart of the animal it just ate. On the other hand, wolves have very low veteran presence. Why? Because I made it up. Just like veteran presence.*

Barry Larkin isn't read to manage, according to world renowned Barry Larkin expert, Barry Larkin. But he was in the discussion for both the Tampa Bay and the Detroit jobs. Also according to Barry Larkin, Pete Rose is great and should be reinstated.

Eric Davis, Sean Casey, Paul O'Neill, and Aaron Boone will be in the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, you know, if you're into that kind of thing.

The Reds are doing the recycling e-waste thing again, today through Sunday. It's nice that they're still doing it - it was first started by Chris Dickerson, who is now chilling in AAA with the Blue Jays' affiliate.

*It's a joke.