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Cincinnati Reds Link 4/9/15

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Did you notice anything missing from our rain delays? That's right, the banana phone is no more. It is an ex-banana phone. According Bill Reinberger, Reds vice president of corporate sales,

"The level of calls was deteriorating. People were asking a lot of questions that were not baseball-related."

Well, there may be some truth to that. The banana phone is dead. Long live the banana phone.

In rotational news,  Price is confirming that Raisel Iglesias will get the start against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday. Thought Iglesias could certainly use some AAA seasoning, I'm still excited to see what he can do. Here are the last ten years of MLB starting debuts for the Reds: Daniel Corcino (9/12/14)Pedro Villareal (6/5/13)Tony Cingrani (4/18/13), Todd Redmond (8/18/12 (2))Travis Wood, (7/1/10)Sam Lecure (5/28/10)Mike Leake (4/11/10)Justin Lehr (7/31/09)Matt Maloney (6/6/09)Ramon Ramirez (8/30/08)Daryl Thompson (6/21/08)Johnny Cueto (4/3/08),  Tom Shearn (8/26/07)Phil Dumatrait (8/2/07)Homer Bailey (6/8/07)Bobby Livingston (5/13/07)Elizardo Ramirez (5/15/05)Matt Belisle (4/13/05). (Sometimes, I say things to myself like "I'm going to find all the pitchers making their starting debuts with the Reds in the last ten years, no matter how depressed it makes me!" And then I get depressed.)

It isn't looking like a long stay, though. Homer Bailey plans to be back with the team for the April 17-19 series in St. Louis, with a rehab start this Sunday, in which case Iglesias will be limited to one start. Unless Jason Marquis suddenly decides he wants to retire to Florida and write that cowboy time travel thriller he's been mulling overin his head. I mean, I'm not saying you should, Jason, it's just something to consider.

If you want some learning to go with your baseball this summer, the Greater Cincinnati area is overflowing with opportunities. The Cincinnati Museum Center, Reds Hall of Fame and Museum and the Cincinnati Art Museum all have stuff going on, and here's a fun video to go along with the Reds HOF All-star exhibit. I mean, I guess it wasn't all that fun, but since I probably won't be able to get to the exhibit, it was interesting to see.  The Reds are also running promotions with Newport Aquarium.

MLB is cracking down on attendees streaming the games from their phones? Which is a thing? I guess?

Devin Mesoraco's bats are made from maple trees from his own property in western PA.

And... some cute profiles on Kris Negron and Amir Garrett (High-A Daytona Tortugas).