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AMA with Blue Seat Media

Starting at 2 ET (or a little before), the guys behind Blue Seat Media will be here to answer questions about their apps (full disclosure: I am one of these guys). We make an app that you're probably already familiar with called Cincy Lineup, and are currently in production of a new app called Game Ball. We've been getting lots of questions about it everywhere, so I thought this would be a good way to let the public know what Game Ball is, and what fans can expect.

We're about to roll out a private beta to Cincinnati fans only, which you can still sign up for by clicking here.

You can also ask us about Scorecard, an app coming in 2016. More information on Blue Seat's website.

Ask us anything about the Blue Seat company, Cincy Lineup, Game Ball, Scorecard, or anything baseball tech-related in general!