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Reminder: Game 2 is TOMORROW

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your final reminder that our annual blog outing is tomorrow. I couldn't be more excited.

If you're getting a ticket with us: either pay me electronically today, or plan on bringing cash tomorrow. The cost per ticket was $21, which is a pretty nice bargain for the moon deck. I'll try to get to Brothers as early as possible, but I'm pretty confident I won't be the first one there, so either watch this thread or look for the group of goofy tall people if you get there before I do.

If you aren't getting a ticket with us: we'd still love to see you. If that means meeting up with the group for a pregame drink, you're more than welcome to, and if you'd like to find us in our seats, hopefully there'll be some room up by us for extra people to sit. Without being able to look at the tickets to confirm, I think we're in 141.

As a reminder, here's the list of who's going:

BK (2)
Chuck Scrabbles
MRPosse (2)
joshuar (4)
Ram (3)
Aaron Michael
Xenobeef of Athenroasts
Scott (2)
Farney (2)

Questions? Leave them in the thread below and we'll be good about answering them, probably.