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Cubs 5, Reds 0: Travis Wood pitches well, Jason Marquis doesn't

Travis Wood was on point tonight and Jason Marquis struggled to finish four innings. Then the game was kinda boring.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Not Jason Marquis, that's for damn sure.

The real stars of this game are the much-maligned Reds' bullpen. Burke Badenhop, Manny Parra, and Pedro Villareal combined to throw four scoreless while giving up only four hits. This bullpen has been dashed against the rocky cliffs quite a few times already in this young season, but tonight, when it mattered the least, they bit their collective lip and got some outs. I'm not saying it like that to discount the performance, though. It's just, I mean ... Well, hopefully it's a sign of things to come.

Key Plays

  • In the bottom of the first inning, Anthony Rizzo absolutely demolished a big fat Jason Marqueatball over the right field fence. The wind is blowing in off the lake somethin' fierce tonight, but Rizzo didn't care. Oh, and it was a two-run homer. And Rizzo was the second hitter of the game.
  • In the bottom of the second inning, Marquis looked awful and got into tons of trouble. Jonathan Herrera singled in a run, and then Marquis beaned Jorge Soler with the bases loaded to bring home another.
  • I'm sure more game happened after that, but you didn't pay attention and neither did I. Not much happened either way.

Graphaello Sanzio de Urbino

It would be really fun if I took this opportunity to satirize Raphael's School of Athens by doing a Reds thing with Joey Votto as Aristotle and Marty as Plato (the two figures in the center) and they are arguing about all that and then everyone else is Reds people and cokane is Socrates (the pug-nosed fella in the olive tunic to Plato's left) because he's always over there being a contrarian and arguing about something. But I won't. I'll give you the regular ol' FanGraph.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Brandon Phillips collected two singles, which is good. He spent a few days hitting seventh in the order but now he's back up cleaning up. Keep it up, BeePerino.
  • Joey Votto walked twice.
  • The Reds walked three times total and had only four hits, all singles. By the law of gravity, that means they only scored zero runs. Science, y'all.
  • Former Red Travis Wood tossed seven strong, allowing only five baserunners and striking out seven.
  • The Reds got one baserunner to third base, but only as a result of a double play. Seriously.
  • JAMZ