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Farmers Only: Set Fire to the Rain

But don't really try, because fracking.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
  • Louisville had their clash with Columbus postponed due to rain. Jon Moscot will start the first game of a doubleheader today at 5, with David Holmberg to follow in Game 2.
  • Pensacola was postponed as well, due to "inclement weather," which I always thought would be a good name for a dirty, sad blues album. Anyway, no games today. They'll make this one up April 26th with a doubleheader.
  • Daytona clawed their way back from a 4-0 hole, putting up a 5-run innings, but was walked-off on by Charlotte, 6-5. Confederate Sergeant Jackson Stephens of Tennessee coughed up 5 runs in 4.2 innings, but a series of timely hits, including a Chad "Walla Walla" Wallach double to the wall, mitigated the damage. Somehow, no Tortuga reached base more than once. I guess that's why Nolan "Ted Danson" Becker found himself giving up the losing run in the bottom of the ninth. Womp. Up next: I already accidentally wrote the recap for this, but Nick Travieso took on Charlotte and the game is already over. So you can look it up, or wait with bated breath for the next episode of Game of Thro-- er...Farmers Only.
  • Dayton spanked South Bend 6-1 thanks to a big day from Avain "Avast! Avant!" Rachal and 5 solid innings from Seth "The Varmint" Varner, who struck out 6 and allowed just 1 run on 6 hits and nary a walk. Rachal knocked in 2, and Ty Washington had a pair of hits to go along with being twelve storeys high and made of radiation. Anyway, that was cool. The South Bend Cubs have some killer names, by the way, with a Chesny, a Gioskar, a Cael Brockmeyer, a Gleyber, and a Charcer. Say that with a mouthful of marshmallows. You can't, shut up. Up next: Mark "Stretch" Armstrong takes on South Bend at 7.

    WOOOOO FARMERS ONLY IS BACK I FEEL SO GOOD IN MY BONES AND STUFF! Here's to a great season, thanks for reading kiddos.