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Cincinnati Reds Links 3/9/15: Bruce, Mesoraco Concussion, Rotation Race

Beaumont bombin'

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Enquirer - Bruce not Changing Hitting Philosophy

There's no byline on this one for some reason, but either C. Trent or Fay (or both!) sat down with Jay Bruce to discuss his hitting approach with regard to the extreme shift that opposing teams employed against him last season.  Rather than change his philosophy, Bruce is instead going to stick with what made him a two-time All Star who averaged over 30 dingers a season from 2010-2013.

I'm not saying I'm going to just pull everything anyway, that's not my approach. My approach is to hit from left-center to right-center and stay in the big part of the field and get good pitches to hit and drive the ball.


When I'm doing my job, I'm hitting the ball in the gap and in the stands.  I completely understand the idea [of going the other way], but that is my approach. The big part of the field. My job is to drive the ball.

Bruce also goes on to discuss the effect the knee injury had on his miserable 2014 season.  Without the ability to drive the ball with his legs, he was unable to do anything with the outside pitch, and lost all power to the opposite field.  According to Bruce, it was the lack of power, not the shift that tanked his season.  This is borne out in the numbers as well, with Bruce's BABIP was actually higher with the shift rather than against it.

Devin Mesoraco Dealing with a Concussion

Of the four Reds regulars scratched on Sunday, the most serious injury was Devin Mesoraco's concussion.  Despite it being listed as a "minor" concussion, the Golem told C. Trent that this is his third concussion, making this something not to take lightly.

Fay Breaks Down the Competition for the Rotation

For the first time since Travis Wood and Mike Leake duked it out in 2010, we have a real rotation race this spring.  The Fayman breaks down the field, putting the Spaghetti Twins in the driver's seat for two of the spots, with one of the veterans likely keeping Homer's spot warm until he's ready.  Which sounds about right.

All-Star Game FanFest Tickets on sale Tomorrow

I'm not really sure what a FanFest is all about, to be perfectly honest.