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Cincinnati Reds links, 3/17/15: Aroldis Chapman and the Cuban revolution

Tuesday links!

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo's Jeff Passan took a fascinating look at Cincinnati Reds closer, fireballer, and man of steel, Aroldis Chapman, roughly one year to the day from when a comebacker off the bat of Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez shattered bones in Chapman's face.  Passan notes that it was Chapman who ushered in the recent spending spree on Cuban defectors, since he not only held the kind of tantalizing talent that drove bids for his services to $30 million guaranteed, he also has delivered on that promise in ways few could have imagined.  It's hard to believe that Chapman is already entering the second to last year of the contract he agreed to with the Reds, since it seems like he burst onto the scene with his 105 mph gas so recently, but that's the same story we could seemingly tell about each and every member of the Reds core that broke through in 2010 and has given us such an enjoyable ride.  Enjoy him with the Reds while you can, though, since he's got a $100 million contract in his near future that I doubt will be signed by Bob Castellini.

Seriously, though.  Buy the Redleg Annual.

Some people really care about what other people think of Pete Rose.  Some people do not.  Some people really care about the baseball Hall of Fame.  Some people do not.  Personally, I don't need a signature from Rob Manfred and a series of awkward press conferences to know that Pete Rose played baseball for a long, long time and was pretty good at it, but some people have had sleepless nights for 25 years waiting for the day Pete Rose is allowed back into the baseball country club.  So, if you're one of those people that really, really cares, Pete Rose formally requested to be allowed back into the baseball country club yesterday.  There.  Life changing, isn't it?

Fantasy Baseball season is just around the corner (we'll have more on our own RR leagues in a few days), and RotoGraphs took an ill-timed gander at just what the Reds rotation may be able to provide.  I say ill-timed since it came out just before the news that Tony Cingrani would be bullpen bound and Raisel Iglesias would be pointed towards starting, but there's still some good information there.  I do consistently find it pretty hilarious that every time FanGraphs/RotoGraphs looks at the Reds starters they scratch their heads and hint that the Reds are "strange" and "mystifying" since they aren't ever worth much WAR but they're kinda good instead of admitting that they have flawed statistics, but whatever, it's an article about the Reds.

So, to wrap this up, I'll end with another FanGraphs article about how bad the Reds projections are, since that's fun, fine, and dandy.  It's Dave Cameron, it's worth a read, and it's remarkable how I 100% agree with 50% of what he had to say and 100% disagree with the other 50%.  That's FanGraphs, really.