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Will Ferrell could be the Reds' secret weapon

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Listen up, gang.

Normally I'd start an article like this off with a missive about the weather and beauty of spring, but I was blown away by how impressive Will Ferrell was today.

Will Ferrell, the actor?

No. Will Ferrell, the baseball player.

The Reds could use a presence like his in the locker room. At age 47, Ferrell has been around for twice as long as some of those kids in the clubhouse. You think they'll be lassoing the clubbies with Old Man Ferrell laying down the law? I don't think so.

Some guys are content to play in one game on a day like today. Heck, Joey Votto didn't play in any.

Guess how many Will Ferrell played in?


5 games.

You'd think that the emotions would have got to him. You'd think that after being traded and with his tenth team by the end of the day, that he'd be done. That he'd be spent.

You'd be wrong.

Not only that, but the versatility Ferrell provides is second-to-none. 10 positions in a day? Is that even possible?

Will Ferrell, proving his doubters wrong, yet again.

I'll take that on the Reds, please.

The fire in his belly can't be matched. His will to win is solid, and that is what the Reds lacked last year.

The Reds would be crazy not to sign this old timer. He may just have something left in the tank yet.