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Cincinnati Reds Links 3/12/15

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Down in Goodyear, things are going well for Homer Bailey, and poorly for Sean Marshall. Bailey threw his fourth bullpen session on Wednesday, 49 pitches in total, with his slider and his splitter. According  to Bailey, those pitches don't put as much stress on his elbow, and it's the fastball and curveball that are the real issues. But Sean Marshall is not doing quite as well with his rehab, experiencing rotator cuff inflammation, and lack of flexibility.

Speaking of things that are not great, the Reds issued a statement on Tanner Rahier, who was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault with intent to injure for allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a rock on Sunday morning. Reds media relations Director Rob Butcher said that Rahier is on unpaid leave until the criminal investigation is complete, after which he will be subject to "appropriate discipline."  Which is "vague" but, is probably all the Reds can "say" at this "moment".

Comedic actor Will Ferrell will be playing for the Reds today. So, uh, yay? It's for a cancer awareness project.

I like reading pieces about players written in their hometown newspapers, so here's one about Burke Badenhop. And here's a profile of of Reds broadcaster Jim Kelch in the NKU student paper - it goes into some pretty interesting detail of the path Jim Kelch took to end up with the Reds, after really starting from the absolute bottom rung.

Rob Neyer lists three reasons to watch the Reds. It's not a particularly interesting read for a Reds fan: Joey Votto might be crazy good, Aroldis Chapman throws hard,  Billy Hamilton is fast. Bryan Price is quoted in this article on personal catchers, relative to the situation for Johnny Cueto and Brayan Pena. I wonder if there are any other teams who have used our old language-divided Hernandez/Hanigan style platoon.

The Reds put up a Twitter All-star vending machine? I know what those words mean, but I do not know what they mean when you put them together. Anyway, this person won a Reds electric toothbrush, which, I mean, jealous. Not even joking, my spinbrush is looking a little sad these days.

But my favorite story is seventh-grade student Abby Campbell of Ashland, KY who is putting together a list of 4,256 reasons Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. Apparently, she's already got 2,000, which, I am super impressed by. I mean, that's like 200 times more than the number of famous Belgians I can name, so, I'm saying, kudos.Here's her top 5 reasons:

1. We are a forgiving nation and he has more than paid for his betting crime.
2. Baseball gives so many 2nd chances to players, but not Pete, why?
3. Pete Rose still is the greatest ambassador for the game.
4. The majority of baseball fans want him in the Hall of Fame.
5. The Hall of Fame currently has over 20 items of Pete’s in the Hall, but will not allow him on a plaque? Are you kidding me?

Now, I definitely wouldn't say I completely agree with all of these things, but it's at least as well argued as anything else I've read on whether or not Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.

And lastly, which one of you weirdos is out going to Grapefruit League games in your Reds gear?