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Todd Frazier signs 2-year, $12M deal

The affable all-star will have one year of control after this current deal is up.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

As Todd himself put it, "My agent said that this was the best deal for me."

Two years for a first-time arb guy is kind of industry standard: Joey Votto got one before his megadeal, Chris Heisey got one before getting traded for ol' Magill. It doesn't really say much other than that this is a guy that the Reds want to have around, and that Frazier's agent knows he could end up with another .230/.310/.400 season that would crater his value.

It always seems vulgar and impolite to talk about money when it's our favorite players, so it's nice to see that not be a worry for Todd, Mrs. Frazier, and Baby Fraz. The deal will give 'em $4.5M this year and $7.5M in 2016. He will not yet join Votto, Phillips, Bailey, and Mesoraco as "the only dudes on contract for 2017."

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