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With Badenhop, Reds bullpen continues to get interesting

You should know that Burke Badenhop uses Pitch F/X

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This article use to be a cover of Wick's article about the Burke Badenhop signing. Whoopsie.

Word came down from Jonah Keri - who unbeknownst to me is now a news-breaker - that the Reds have a deal with the 31-year-old righty reliever:

Badenhop isn't going to wow anyone with his K-rates, but he has an excellent command of the strikezone. He used his sinker to keep the ball in the park last season. More than that, he also used his  understanding of pitch-F/X data, according to an article date-lined in Cincinnati.

A 2.3% HR/FB rate is absurdly low and sure to regress, but he's a pretty good match for a small ballpark. Awareness of analytics is no guarantee of prolonged success - just ask Brian Bannister - but it probably has a good chance of working for a reliever with crafty secondary stuff.

The Reds bullpen may not be immensely talented once you get past Aroldis Chapman, but it is interesting. With Badenhop and Gregg coming on board, there is a plethora of cheap pitchers with upside as mid-to-late-inning guys. This is a far cry from the Coco Cordero and Jonathan Broxton contracts of the past.

The following is what I believe to be a complete list of relievers/potential relievers that will be in Reds' camp, give or take a Chad Rogers:

Chapman, Aroldis
Marshall, Sean
Diaz, Jumbo
LeCure, Sam
Parra, Manny
Badenhop, Burke
Iglesias, Rasiel*
Dylan Axelrod
Villarreal, Pedro
Hoover, JJ
Magill, Matt
Contreras, Carlos
Mijares, Jose
Gregg, Kevin
Maholm, Paul
Corcino, Daniel
Sampson, Keyvius
Hand, Donovan
Marquis, Jason
Adcock, Nate
Gonzalez, Carlos
Smith, Josh
Bowden, Michael
Dennick, Ryan
Rogers, Chad
Guillon, Ismael**
Font, WIlmer
Walden, Marcus
Cisnero, Jose
Flores, Jose

*What's the plan here, again?

** Currently DFA