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Red Reposter - Goodyear Bound

Spring Training is just around the corner. An 1,800 mile long corner, but a corner nonetheless.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

  • The Cincinnati Reds packed their truck full of balls, bats, 741 different mascot costumes, and tubes of sunscreen today, and tomorrow it will officially head west to the Land of the Endless Strip Mall and their Spring Training home in Goodyear, AZ.  As Mark Sheldon noted for, clubhouse manager Rick Stowe & Co. have been prepping for this for weeks, and even though we all know the players and management have been making sure they're ready for spring to start since the end of last season, it's a concrete example that the club has 2015 firmly on their brains.  Pitchers & catchers report in just over a week to officially kick-off the 2015 season, but the bon voyage the team's truck will embark on tomorrow gets us all one step closer to this lovely sound.
  • Over at /mlb, Grant Brisbee took a look at several teams that had crap seasons in 2014 but spent the offseason hell bent on forming themselves into contenders for the 2015 season.  Conspicuously absent from this list are the Reds, surely because they didn't make moves that make them look like a contender in 2015 and not because they weren't lousy in 2014.  Both the Rays and Rangers got a mention as teams that were awful last year yet didn't make all-in moves, yet it seems Brisbee feels the Reds both failed to move the needle by adding Marlon Byrd and didn't do anything significant to improve the club to contender status.  Sadly, I tend to agree, so I have no idea why I threw this at Reds fans.  You owe me $0.37 for the page clicks, Brisbee.  Please be healthy, Joe Dan Votto.
  • Do you enjoy going to Reds games, snapping photos, and sharing them instantly so that sad saps like me that don't live in the Cincinnati area anymore can see that you're having a helluva lot more fun than I am?  Well, you're in luck!  Reds Director of Digital Media (and friend of the blog!) Lisa Braun recently announced that WiFi is being added throughout the GABP, meaning your phones should function a lot phonier while you're in attendance.  That's cool on a number of levels, and it's supposed to be finished in time for the All Star Game.  This, of course, means you'll be able to follow along on Gameday while at the game in better fashion than ever before, so when Jay Bruce takes a called 3rd strike that you see was clearly four inches outside, you can scream and holler with a more defined level of gripe!
  • Skip.
  • Schumaker.
  • Lastly, over at Sports on Earth, Anthony Castrovince broke down who he feels are the best rotations in all of baseball, and despite the loss of both Mat Latos and Alfredo Simonthe Reds sneak in with a mention at #15.  It sure didn't take long for a group considered among the top three or four in the game to tumble in the rankings, but Homer Bailey's balky forearm and Tony Cingrani's attempted return from shoulder issues throw a few more question marks into an already overhauled unit.  Fifteenth seems about right, I'd suggest.