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Reds Trade Analysis: Who Are Rookie Davis and Eric Jagielo?

With the trade of Chapman, we'll be taking a glance at what looks like the upper portion of the haul.

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Rookie Davis, SP, RHP

22 years old, 6 foot 3 inches, 245 pounds.

I have to start off with Rookie Davis because he has an absolutely kick ass name.  Secondly, he was the first name leaked in the deal, and may be the best player the Reds received in the deal.  Well, maybe.

Davis was drafted by the Yankees in the 14th round of the 2011 June Amateur Draft out of Dixon High School in Holly Ridge, North Carolina.  After being selected, Davis was given the year off and started 2012 in the Gulf Coast Rookie League.  Since then, he has slowly progressed his way through A ball and was given a cup of coffee at AA Trenton in 2015.  Davis has always put up mediocre ERAs, but his 2015 season is the best he's put in the books.  At A+ Tampa, Davis posted a 3.70 ERA in 97 innings with 9.7 K/9, 1.7 BB/9, and a 1.151 WHIP.  He didn't pitch as well in AA as his strikeouts went down (6.5 K/9).  His AA ERA was 4.32, but the rest of his rate stats were passable.

Rookie Davis was rated as having one of the best starting pitcher arms in the Yankees' system.  Davis will typically operate in the 92-94 MPH range but can reach 96, according to scouting reports.  He has the power to succeed in the Majors, but he still needs to work on his secondary pitches. says he throws a hard curveball, but I've heard others that they have been impressed by a slider.  He has been working on a changeup, but it looks fringy at best at this moment.  Davis does sport a large, athletic body.  He was also seen a big power prospect coming into the draft, but his arm was too good to ignore.

John Sickels didn't have Rookie Davis in his top prospect lists of 2015, but he would have definitely moved up in the 2016 lists. currently had Davis ranked at #10 for their list on the Yankees.  There is some speculation that Davis will be better suited for the bullpen because of the lack of a good third pitch and his high velocity.  Moving him to the bullpen could also add a few ticks to his fastball on the radar guns.  That looks to be his floor, while his ceiling could be anything from a #3-5 starter.

Davis finished the 2015 year in AA.  I'd expect him to begin the 2016 year there but could be moved to AAA quickly with a good showing.

Our SBN buddies, Pinstripe Alley, even had a nice little write up with Davis in August.

Eric Jagielo, 3B/1B, LHB

23 years old, 6 foot 2 inches, 215 pounds

Eric Jagielo is a power hitting 3B from Notre Dame that had a breakout season in 2015.  Rumor is he struggles defensively, but he's willing to take a walk and puts up some respectable offensive numbers.  Jagielo was quickly moving up the Yankees' prospect lists, but a knee injury slowed his season.

Jagielo (and I assume will follow with Juggalo nicknames) was a first round pick (26th Overall) of the 2013 draft out of Notre Dame.  All he's done in the Yankees' system is hit (.825 OPS over his career).  He's always shown the ability to take a walk and will hit a few dingers, but 2016 was his best season to date.  He hit .284/.347/.495 for a .842 OPS.  He predominately played 3B (39 games), but spent some time play DH (16 games) and 1B (3 games).  He hit 9 home runs in 248 plate appearances with 18 walks and 58 strikeouts.  Obviously, he's not immune to the strikeouts, but who isn't anymore?

Like I've said, Jagielo has the power, which made him a first round pick.  However, he does have his draw backs, which is why John Sickels only had him ranked #12 in the Yankees' system prior to 2015.  He will note in his end of the year rankings that Jagielo has improved quite a bit and was breaking out until that unfortunate injury. ranks Jagielo at #6, citing his strength and ability to take a walk.  They also cite his defense and proclivity to strikeout as downsides to his game.  I'd also like to add that he's super slow.  He's never even attempted a stolen base in his professional career.

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In my opinion, while only looking at early reports on these players, I think it can be said the Reds got a decent haul for Chapman.  It isn't what they could have gotten a year ago.  It isn't what they could have gotten in July.  It's the best they could have gotten right now.  With only a year on his contract, and now the recent domestic violence allegations, Chapman's value is at an all time low.  I don't know if I'd put either of these players in the Reds top 10 list, but that's also because I think our farm system is deeper than the Yankees.  They may have some better top tier talent, though.  Even then, these are not the only players received in the deal, and if they were the Reds may have received the #6 and #10 prospect in the Yankees' system.

This off-season has been highly contentious for the Reds and their fans.  However, I don't see much to complain about with this deal.  There are huge questions about these two players, but there is also some real potential.  This is what trading for prospects is all about.  We just gotta wait and see what they turn into.