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Reds, Nationals discussing Brandon Phillips trade

Could there be a reunion in Washington?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Dusty Baker loves what he knows.  He loves veteran players, and he loves arms with experience.  Most of all, though, he loves players he's won games with before.

Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising at all that to hear that the Washington Nationals - who hired Dusty just weeks ago - have interest in adding Cincinnati Reds 2B Brandon Phillips, according to's Ken Rosenthal.


Dusty stuck his foot in his mouth with his cringe-worthy comments about Aroldis Chapman last week, in the process putting himself firmly in the spotlight given the insensitive nature of his comments on his former closer's domestic violence allegations.  The lack of societal awareness in his words was both obvious and uncalled for, but it was once again evident at the time that his commitment to his former players was a driving force in his decision making process.

While the Nationals have reportedly moved on from their one-time interest in adding Chapman, it appears they do have interest in bringing Phillips into their fold.  Provided, of course, that he's not interested in using his 10/5 rights to block such a deal.  Phillips has a pair of years at a total of $27 million left on his contract, and while that's no small amount of coin, it's a relative bargain given the amount of money that's been thrown around at free agents so far this winter.  And given that the Nationals were reportedly willing to go to $200 million to sign Jason Heyward, it's clear that they have ample amount of cash in their coffers to absorb a contract like Phillips'.  Couple that with their recent trade of middle-infielder Yunel Escobar and the pending free agency of Ian Desmond, and it's completely plausible to fathom a Washington infield of Anthony Rendon, Danny Espinosa, Phillips, and Ryan Zimmerman as one they feel competent to compete with (with top prospect Trea Turner waiting in the wings).

Someone's going to have to hit cleanup behind Bryce Harper, y'know.