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Todd Frazier trade rumors 'heating up,' with both White Sox and Indians linked

The Cincinnati Reds All Star may be on his way out of town soon.

If he's being traded, we really need to use this photo more often.
If he's being traded, we really need to use this photo more often.
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Since the end of last week's Winter Meetings, detailed information about the ever-pending Cincinnati Reds firesale has been few and far between.  All quiet on the cistern front, if you will.

That may soon change, however, as's Jon Heyman is hearing that Todd Frazier is being discussed by a litany of teams, the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians being involved the heaviest.

Heyman includes the Washington Nationals, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, and Los Angeles Angels in the Frazier discussion, at least three of whom have been involved in Reds trade rumors to some extent so far this off-season.  He notes that Frazier's versatility - namely his ability to play 1B or in the OF in addition to his stellar play at 3B - has made him a target for many of those teams because they'll be able to find a place for his 35 dinger bat regardless of how their current roster is constructed.

Frazier, who'll be 30 in a 2016, represents a bargain for teams that swung and missed on Jason Heyward or who don't expect to be in the mix for $150 million bats like Chris Davis or Justin Upton.  He's under contract for just $7.5 million next year and is under team control for 2017, too, and after having compiled an impressive 9.3 bWAR over the last two seasons he should command the kind of prospect haul that can help dig the Reds out from the depths of the NL Central basement.

You get the feeling this is going to happen at some point this off-season, which is, all told, a positive development.  If Heyman's sources are indeed in the know, it could shake down in the very near future.