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2015 in Review: Kristopher Negron


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We continue Red Reporter's player-by-player look at the 2015 Cincinnati Reds. We'll profile every player who got time for the Reds this year, and will imagine their tenure with the Reds going forward.

By the Numbers

107 PA, .140/.238/.161, 13 OPS+, 0 HR, 2 RBI

Well, these numbers kind of speak for themselves, no?

In 2014, Negron stepped into a role with the Reds that they desperately needed someone to fill: a versatile bench bat with defense to spare. The Reds roster doubled as an infirmary, I guess really what they needed by the end of the season were warm bodies, but I digress.

Regardless, Negron miraculously morphed into a 2 WAR player in 158 PAs and helped the Reds salvage a disappointing season before it turned into a complete dumpster fire. What remained was a mere trash fire, only to foreshadow what 2015 was to become.

But, I digress.

What Negron flashed filling in in 2014 was what the Reds would translate into a similar role in 2015. One that they'd been trying to fill, unsuccessfully, for several years by the likes of Cesar Izturis and Wilson Valdez, et. al. Unfortunately for the Reds, Negron's 2014 would prove to be a mere mirage.

2015 in Review

Kristopher Negron was abysmal for the Reds in 2015. His ability to play all positions in the field probably kept his big league season alive longer than it otherwise would've. At no point did Negron do anything particularly well, but he found himself on the Reds bench well into June before he was mercifully sent to AAA to try and find the 2014 mojo that had escaped him in 2015.

Negron received 230 PAs in Louisville and regained none of the form that he found with the Reds in 2015. The fact that his .589 OPS in the minors was a marked improvement over his major league numbers says a lot while also saying very little. Then again, the .589 2015 OPS was actually a lot closer to his career numbers than the .810 OPS that he posted in 2014.

Basically, 2015 showed us that a 29 year old Kristopher Negron is probably exactly what we knew Kristopher Negron was, 2014 be damned. It's unfortunate; there's not a lot that this writer likes better than watching a player come on strong when nobody saw them coming. I'm happy that Negron got his 15 minutes, anyone who works their whole lives to do a job like this deserves the shot. But, unfortunately, it looks as if the 15 minutes is over.

Looking Forward

When the rosters expanded in September, Negron made the roster again. However, he hurt his shoulder on a diving play in the field. Shortly thereafter, Negron underwent surgery for a torn labrum and fractured scapula in his left shoulder. Late in October, Negron was outrighted off the 40 man roster. The estimated healing time for the injury is 5 months, which means Negron should be ready for Spring Training, but even at that, his future with the Reds look bleak at best. Ivan DeJesus was basically the 2014 Kristopher Negron, and he'll probably get the first shot at the role. Barring a fantastic Spring Training, it seems very unlikely that Negron will be a part of the Reds plans in 2016.

Chance of making 2016 Reds opening day roster: 5%