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SB Nation 2015 MLB Awards - Best Breakage of the Unwritten Rules

Today we vote on the best moment that got everybody's panties in a wad.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we voted on the best Reds celebrations of 2015, and Smilin' Todd Frazier took home the prize because he's the best.

Today, we're going to take a look at the moments from 2015 that made grown millionaires act like children throwing a temper tantrum. The moments that make seem so benign until some over-testosterone'd red-ass takes himself (and the child's game he plays) entirely too seriously.

Yes. We're talking about breakers of the unwritten rules.

Now, I supposed "best" is a subjective term. You can take it to mean as "most egregious." Or, you can take it to mean "hilarious." Do whichever you want. I'm not here to run your life.

Jose Bautista's bat-flip

It was the bat-flip heard 'round the world, and probably could've won yesterday's vote going away. It was the defining moment in an inning that saw trash thrown on the field and benches clear several times.

Chase Utley breaks Ruben Tejada

Another postseason highlight (or, perhaps, lowlight) that got everybody's sugars up was Chase Utley's hard slide into the Mets' Ruben Tejada. Chase Utley is the worst. You weren't hit by the pitch either, you dick.

Papelbon fights Bryce Harper, is an idiot

Speaking of dicks, this one is an all-timer: known breaker-of-unwritten-rules Jonathan Papelbon took issue with All-World-Everything Bryce Harper for not running out a play, even though the Nationals were ending the most disappointing campaign of 2015. Words were exchanged, and then Papelbon attacked Harper.

Oberholtzer gets pummeled, throws at A-Rod, is SO MAD

This one is pretty dumb. So the Yankees were on their way to chasing Brett Oberholtzer early. He decided to get a jump on things. After giving up his 2nd home run in as many innings, Professional-Mad-Guy Oberholtzer decided he'd take his frustrations out on Alex Rodriguez.


Go ahead and get your vote on, and if there's another option you like better, post it in the comments.