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Reds decline options on Schumaker and Badenhop

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we already have some Reds news to talk about this offseason...

#Reds decline options on Skip Schumaker, Burke Badenhop. Outright Sam LeCure to AAA
11/2/15, 6:02 PM

Skip Schumaker will get $500K from the Reds as a buyout, and will become a free agent. Schumaker got 244 ABs this season for the Reds, mostly coming in a backup role, which was more prevalent than it should have been given the Reds injury woes. He hit .242/.306/.336 this season, and will be 36 next year. His AB will be better served given to just about any young player the Reds have.

Badenhop is a little bit more of a surprise, but the Reds probably don't need a high dollar reliever for what looks to be a rebuilding year. After a shaky start, Badenhop settled down to be one of the most reliable arms in the Reds' bullpen. He would have been owed $4M in 2016, but will receive a $1.5M buyout instead and become a free agent. Like Schumaker, there will be no shortage of trial arms to take that spot in a rebuilding year.