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SB Nation MLB Awards - Reds Defensive Play of the Year

Let's help choose the best Reds play of the year.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The first two days of SBN MLB Awards are in the books. Yesterday, we asked you to vote for the best pitcher of the year and because you're all the best, you voted for Aroldis Chapman. Because he's the best, most flamethrowingest pitcher in the whole league. Don't forget that Aroldis Chapman basically broke Statcast. He's that good.

Today, we're going to choose the best Reds defensive play of the year. So let's get started.

Brandon Phillips breaks your mind

I have no words.

Brandon Phillips is good at defense

Just a little, casual, behind the back flip to turn the double play. All in a days work for Dat Dude.

Billy Hamilton reminds you it's not all about Phillips

When Billy Hamilton does something like make up this much ground in center field, jump, and make THIS catch, well, it almost makes you forget what he can't do.

Skip Schumaker did something cool once. Once.

We give Skip a hard time, and it's very possible that this play was made to look this cool because he's slow and awful in the outfield... but it still looks pretty damn cool.

Joey Votto channels his inner BP

You know, Joey's not exactly known for his defense at first base (he's known for many, many other things). And this gem was just about ruined. But, thank goodness for replay! Right, Cy?

You can choose!

There were a lot of plays made this season, and I'm sure there are a few that stand out to you. So, go ahead and vote Other and provide a link to the clip in the comments. Everyone can then rec that, and if it gets enough, I'll crown it champion. Which means... something. I'm just not entirely sure what.

One more thing

Tomorrow, we're looking for the Reds best celebration/bat flip for the 2015 season. So, while you're researching all of Reds highlight goodness, nominate your favorite celebration, too.