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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Hitter of the Year Voting

It's award season!

Two of the best.  The absolute best.
Two of the best. The absolute best.
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation MLB Awards are right around the corner, and today's your chance to vote on the first one on the ballot - Hitter of the Year.  There's no denying that Cincinnati Reds fans are an unbiased pool of experts on the art of hitting, which makes you a prime group for determining which big leaguer smacked baseballs around better than any other in 2015.

To the nominees...

Joey Votto

2015 Stats: .314/.459/.541, 174 OPS+, 7.6 bWAR

Votto has 4 All Star Game appearances under his belt that sit next to his 2010 National League MVP, a Gold Glove, and a Rookie of the Year plaque for the alternates that he keeps down the hall in the foyer powder room.  But by bWAR, at least, his 2015 season was his best to date, as he mauled opposing pitchers while posting career bests in walks, oWAR, and bWAR.

Josh Donaldson

2015 Stats: .297/.371/.568, 155 OPS+, 8.8 bWAR

Donaldson blasted 41 dingers in his first season with the Toronto Blue Jays, in the process rendering his trade from Oakland for Brett Lawrie & change liable for grand theft, perjury, and obstruction of baseball justice.  But everyone hits 40 dingers if they play for the Blue Jays, and while he moonlights as a stand-up member of the Canadian Baseball Authority, he's not even Canadian.  Joey Votto, however, is Canadian.  Very Canadian.

Bryce Harper

2015 Stats: .330/.460/.649, 195 OPS+, 9.9 bWAR

Harper didn't even have 100 RBIs in 2015, though his hair is pretty dang trendy-nice.

Skip Schumaker

2015 Stats: .242/.306/.336

Skip had 19 pinch hits in 2015, which was the most in all of baseball.  Did you have 19 pinch hits in 2015?  I think not.  Skip did.