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Aroldis Chapman could be traded by the end of the weekend

So sayeth the wise Aroldys Gammons.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Gammons is a reputable sort, a former ESPN talking head who is as plugged into the national baseball scene as any media personality out there.

He's also from Boston and a former Boston Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe.   Rumors have been leaking from the GM meetings in Boca Raton, FL that the Red Sox have interest in adding a closer this off-season, which makes the timing of this tweet from Gammons an interesting one, to say the least.

Chapman to Boston isn't a new concept, since it's one that's made sense on paper for quite some time, and had the Red Sox not been as woeful in 2015 as the Reds themselves, there's probably a decent chance a deal could've been conjured back in July.  Boston just so happens to have a deep, deep farm system that includes a barrage of young OFs - something that the Reds have been in dire need of since almost last century.

Add in the the report that Boston may be interested in moving Jackie Bradley, Jr. in a trade, and you've just created an internet rumornomenon that may just take the world by storm.  Or, perhaps it's just the Washington Nationals or Arizona Diamondbacks kicking tires on him like they were at the July non-waiver trade deadline.

Either way, stay tuned for fireworks this winter, Reds fans.