Reds, Diamondbacks discuss boring Aaron Hill for Brandon Phillips trade


According to Bowtie McFunnypants, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds have discussed a swap of 2Bs, one that would see Brandon Phillips head to The Land of the Endless Strip Mall and bring former All Star Aaron Hill back to Cincinnati. I said "former All Star Aaron Hill" because, at this point, all he's got going for him is what he used to be when he was younger, since he's hit just .238/.290/.359 over the last two years. In that time, he's been worth a frumpy -1.5 bWAR. It seems like it'd be a salary dump - Hill's only under contract for 2016 - but even still there would need to be additional pieces involved for it to make sense. Keep in mind that the Reds currently project to have a payroll well lower than their previous two years and aren't nearly as cash-strapped as they were at those levels.