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Baseball All Day - Your MLB Postseason GameThread

Starting at 12:30pm EDT, you can watch baseball all day.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

How do you feel about a day full of postseason baseball? Sound pretty good? Well, I'm here to deliver it for you.

Here's the slate:

At 12:30pm, the Rangers and Blue Jays will get right back at with Cole Hamels and Marcus Stroman doing battle. The underdog Rangers have jumped out to a one game lead, but may have lost Andrian Beltre with a lower back strain. Meanwhile, the Jays will look to even up the series with all of Canada on their side, but they have to get right as well; All-World 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson left the game after he was dinged in the head, but has passed protocol and should be on the field this afternoon. Jose Bautista also left yesterday's game with a cramp, but he should be good to go.

At 3:30pm, old friend Johnny Cueto and the Royals will look to even up the series with Scott Kazmir and the Astros. Hopefully this one isn't lengthened by rain. Oh, and JOHNNY CUETO DAY. IT'S JOHNNY CUETO DAY.

The marquee game for us (or maybe just me), the Reds, and the NL Central is of course at 6:30pm, when longtime rivals the Cubs and the Cardinals meet up for game one of the NLDS. Jon Lester goes against John Lackey.

Boston called and they want their pitchers back.

Our nightcap is at 9:30pm on the Weez Coast, where the Dodgers host the Mets. This is a supernova pitching match up, where defending Cy Young/MVP Clayton Kershaw looks to buck his postseason troubles against defending Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom, whom I have a man-crush on.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your baseball today, Reds fans.

And, this hurts but...

Go Cubs.