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World Series, Game 2 at Kauffman Stadium, 8:07pm EDT

Johnny Cueto World Series Day

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So, about last night.

Apparently before the game started, Edinson Volquez's father passed away from heart complications in the Dominican Republic. He was told before reaching the ballpark... unless he wasn't. The team found out, apparently, and they definitely didn't tell him. They even told Fox not to mention it so he wouldn't overhear it on the broadcast in the clubhouse. Apparently his wife told them not to tell him. Or they're heartless bastards. The world, it turns out, may never know.

In the first inning, on the first pitch that the Royals saw, Alcides Escobar hit a ball to left center that Yoenis Cespedes couldn't get, that, well no body could get, apparently. Escobar motored around all the bases for an inside the park home run. So you could tell it was going to be that kind of night.

In the fourth inning, the light went out at Fox causing a massive technical delay that no one could really figure out. After bouncing back to Fox Sport's studio for an awkward update, Fox switched to the MLB International feed, that amazingly featured English speaking broadcasters that weren't Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds, and the nation rejoiced. Unfortunately, the game had been stopped at that point. Since the Fox production was out of power, the replay station in New York wasn't functioning, therefore the managers had to agree to continue play without it. We got at least an inning of reprieve, until Joe and Harold invaded the international broadcast and brought their reign of terror upon the entire world.

There were leads and lead changes and really good plays and really bad plays but, eventually, the Royals Royal'd, and did just enough to see the game tied in the bottom of the ninth inning to send the game into extras. Finally, after fourteen innings and a Bartolo appearance, Eric Hosmer hit a deep fly with the bases loaded the scored Escobar, ending the longest World Series Game One ever.

But, other than that, pretty boring night.

Tonight Johnny Cueto takes the mound for the Royals. I'm fairly certain that he's either going to be G.O.A.T. or goat after this one, and I'm hoping for the positive outcome with all my soul. Jacob deGrom will look to be the first Mets pitcher to win four straight postseason games.

Only three-to-six games left, everyone. Yaysball.