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World Series, Game 1 at Kauffman Stadium, 8:07pm EDT

Only a few more games left to determine the 2015 Champion. (Hint: It's not the Reds)

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It's October 27th, 2015, and we live in a world where Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto play for the same team, and that team is playing in the World Series.

Before your fragile 2010 heart gets aflutter, snap back to reality and realize that this isn't a World Series game featuring the once young-and-promising Reds starters, but rather the well-traveled veteran version of Volquez and the deadline trade prize Cueto, both pitching instead for the Kansas City Royals. Oh, and they're joined in that Kauffman clubhouse by former Reds fan favorite Johnny Gomes, but you knew that already.

Your 2011 heart would be shocked to hear that the term "faltering ace" doesn't apply at this point to Volquez, but rather an inconsistent, roller-coaster-ride version of "Royals Cueto." (Unless something changes drastically in this series, I think Johnny's 2015 should be referred to as "Reds Cueto" and "Royals Cueto.") Thus, Volquez is getting the start in game one for the home team in the Fall Classic.

Meanwhile, the Mets went all "pick-an-ace," (a move the Reds would love to emulate) and decided to throw Matt Harvey for the first championship round game. I'm obviously pro-Royals in this one, but I do want to see Daniel Murphy hit a home run in every game this series, whether it go four or seven, just because. Daniel Murphy in Heat-Check Mode will never not be entertaining.

Drink it in, baseball fans, as the season rapidly draws to a close. Winter is coming faster than any of us like.