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If Back To The Future's prediction is to come to fruition, the Cubs better start winning

Yeah, another Back To The Future reference...

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Blah blah blah Back To The Future II blah blah Cubs World Series rabble rabble.

Anyway, the Championship Series in both the AL and the NL could very well come to an end tonight. Last night, the Royals thumped the Blue Jays, resulting in a position player finishing the game on the mound. In the night cap, the Cubs did their best to Cub away their chances with a series of unfortunate blunders.

Today, the Royals will send Edinson Volquez to the mound to try and seal a second consecutive trip to the Fall Classic. Opposite of The Wagon will be Marco Estrada for the Blue Jays. Game 5 starts at 4:07pm EDT.

At 8:07pm EDT, the Cubs will look to avoid being swept out of the NLCS. This after everyone in the world named them the favorites when they showed the 100 win St. Louis Cardinals the door in the NLDS. The Cubs have run into a buzz saw of starting pitching and, more improbably, the meteoric rise of one Daniel Murphy, who's hit basically everything that's been thrown to him.

The Mets will send the newest face of their shutdown rotation, Steven Matz, to the mound to punch their ticket to the World Series. It all comes down to Jake Arrieta Jon Lester Jason Hammel for the Cubs.

Hang on to yer butts, this should be a wild night of baseballing.