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Cincinnati Reds links - Zack Weiss throwing fire in the AFL

Tuesday links!

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Not Zack Weiss.
Not Zack Weiss.
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Down in the Arizona Fall League, Cincinnati Reds farmhand Zack Weiss has been slicing up eyeballs like he's ready to only be used at the big league level when his team is up by 1-3 runs in the 9th inning.  Weiss was a 6th round pick by the Reds in the 2013 MLB Draft, and the UCLA product has been used exclusively as a reliever to much success over the last two MiLB seasons, logging 55 saves with a K/9 somewhere near a billion since the beginning of 2014.  After dominating AA for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos last year, I'd venture a guess that Weiss will be in big league camp in Goodyear for Spring Training with a chance to break into the big league bullpen, but will probably get some AAA seasoning and a shot at a 40-man roster spot barring a breakout camp.  Not bad for the 23 year old, who will hopefully be one of the arms the Reds can count on to help return their bullpen to respectability after the Greggening from the 2015 season.

Over at, there's...nothing.  Seriously, the last article of note comes from the 13th.  Nevermind.  Apparently they've been on the couch watching the Chicago Cubs look scary-good, too.

John Fay's still trucking right along at The Enquirer, though, and he recently took a look at Dusty Baker's pursuit of another managerial opportunity through the veil of his tenure as Reds' skipper.  The Washington Nationals are interested in Dusty - and who knows how many other jobs may open up this winter - and it's clear that he has no intention of making his exit from the Reds the last of his storied baseball career.  I hope like heck Dusty gets another shot at managing since baseball's a much, much richer game when he's playing a major part.  And though I know I've mentioned it time and time again, seeing Dusty Baker in baseball will forever remind me of one of the best stretches of Cincinnati Reds baseball I'll ever see in my lifetime, and damn if I don't want that front and center more and more by the day.

Grant Brisbee broke down the four potential World Series matchups, and despite the fact that it mentions how blah blah good the blah blah Cubs are, it's Brisbee, so read it.  Funny frickin' ha-ha.

FInally, it appears that kindaprospect Yorman Rodriguez will continue his quest to emerge as a stillaprospect in one of the Carribbean Winter Leagues this year, according to's Mike Rosenbaum.  Yorman's the highest ranked Reds farmhand that's participating in Winter League play, and he'll be plying is trade with the Bravos de Margarita in Venezuela under the management of former big league catcher Henry Blanco.  Here's to hoping this is the portion of development that finally helps Michelangelo reach his ridiculous ceiling (though, if I'm reading this correctly, he's not yet logged an AB in any of the 9 games the team has played thusfar.)