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The last two Reds' 12-game losing streaks are eerily similar

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds have lost 12 games in a row. You have to go back to 1993 to find a streak that long for the Reds, but is this team worse than that one? Let's revisit:

1993 streak 2015 streak
Record 0-12 0-12
Runs for 28 28
Runs against 70 83
Walk off losses 4 0
1-run losses 4 1
2-run losses 3 3
Blowout losses (5+ runs) 3 5

They seem pretty similar so far, with our squad slightly worse. How do these players compare to those players?

1B: Hal Morris (1993) vs. Joey Votto (2015)

Closer than you would think, actually. Hal Morris had a great season in '93, leading up to what was probably his best season, hitting .335 in 1994. I can't not give this to Votto, though. He's got an on-base streak right now that's nipping on Pete Rose's heels, and is far and away the best hitter on this team.

Advantage: Votto

2B: Juan Samuel (1993) vs. Brandon Phillips (2015)

Samuel was a second baseman on the decline of his career, and came in to the '93 season with a pedigree stemming off of a few All-Star appearances and an extensive defensive record. Sound familiar?

Still, though, this doesn't seem like a contest either. Samuel wasn't hitting at all by this point in the season, and BP has been a pleasant surprise all year as a solid force on offense.

Advantage: Phillips

3B: Chris Sabo (1993) vs. Todd Frazier (2015)

Don't make me do this. I love both of these players, and there are actually a few similarities here as well. Both were high-impact rookies who had All-Star appearances early in their career, but Sabo was a little farther along by the time we're making this comparison. Spuds was still a solid hitter, but Todd is still an above average hitter.

Slight advantage: Frazier

SS: Jeff Branson (1993) vs. Eugenio Suarez (2015)

The similarities don't end. Both Branson and Suarez were young replacements after the established starter went down with a midseason injury, but they're probably not comparable as hitters (at least at this point). If we were comparing a later Branson season than this one it may be closer, but he OPS'd .584 in 1993, which is not very good.

Advantage: Suarez

LF: Thomas Howard (1993) vs. Adam Duvall (2015)

Another situation where the starter at the beginning of the season (Kevin Mitchell and Marlon Byrd, respectively) was replaced, and the similarity here is that both were via midseason trades. Thomas Howard was an August acquisition from Cleveland for Randy Milligan, and but that's about where the similarities end. Howard was a little older and more established, and had a nice season in '93. Duvall's power has been good, but Howard was more consistent.

Advantage: Howard

CF: Jacob Brumfield (1993) vs. Jason Bourgeois (2015)

I think this is a clear comparison if there ever was one. Brumfield was still rookie-eligible in '93, while Bourgeois has been around for 8 seasons (!) now. Still, Brumfield held his own, playing well enough to get some playing time in '94 and a shot with the Pirates in '95, where he started to fizzle out. I'd like this comparison a bit more if it was Billy Hamilton we were talking about, but with Bourgeois, it's pretty easy.

Advantage: Brumfield

RF: Reggie Sanders (1993) vs. Jay Bruce (2015)

As much as I want to take up for Jay here, Reggie was better than him. Reggie in 1993 was basically Jay Bruce in his first few years, where there was still a lot of promise.

Advantage: Sanders

C: Joe Oliver (1993) vs. Tucker Barnhart (2015)

As fondly as we remember Joe Oliver, he wasn't much of a hitter. Tucker isn't either.

Advantage: Wash

Pitching: 1993 Rotation (Ross Powell, John Roper, Bobby Ayala, Jose Rijo, Larry Luebbers, Tim Pugh) vs. 2015 Rotation (Anthony DeSclafani, John Lamb, Keyvius Sampson, Brandon Finnegan, Josh Smith)

Yikes. Of these guys, Rijo is the clear best of the bunch, going 14-9 with a 2.48 ERA in the '93 season. Nobody else is close. Neither are good from top to bottom, and despite the current rotation having some promise with Disco and Iggy, Rijo brings the old rotation over the top.

Advantage: 1993 Rotation

So if we're keeping score, we see lots of similarities between these two teams, and each position is basically a wash. Oh well. Hope they don't lose another.